The Happiest Day of Her Life! Meimi Tamura Graduates From ANGERME at Nippon Budokan!

The Happiest Day of Her Life! Meimi Tamura Graduates From ANGERME at Nippon Budokan!

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On May 30 2016, Meimi Tamura took the stage for the last time as a member of ANGERME at “ANGERME Concert Tour 2016 Spring ‘Kyuuki Ittai’ ~ Meimi Tamura Graduation Special~” at Nippon Budokan.


After the opening video, a door in the center of the stage opened, and the members stepped onto the stage one by one through the illuminating backlight.

After we saw the last silhouette appear at the center position, the first song “Tsugi Tsugi Zoku Zoku” began. After the members arrived at the stage in the middle of the floor, it lifted up 5 meters in the air, which is rare for Hello! Project concerts. As the members moved into their positions, a massive laser beam dazzled around them, and this view was already enough to overwhelm the 10 thousand fans in the Nippon Budokan.


“I only have confidence in ANGERME that we have built up so far”

As the leader Ayaka Wada stated boldly at the beginning of the concert, her facial expression was certainly full of confidence, and showed the strength that she gained after overcoming the depths of despair during her teenage idol years.

On the other hand, Meimi Tamura commented, “I will deliver the happiest moment today, more than anywhere else in the world”, and showed a lovely smile to the fans.

After performing the new single “Itoshima Distance” and three other songs, Maimi Yajima, the leader of Hello! Project and member of ℃-ute, appeared on stage as a surprise. Maimi gave a heartfelt speech to Meimi, and congratulated her graduation. She was absolutely a goddess.


Towards the middle of the concert, they performed nostalgic S/mileage songs such as “Please Miniskirt Post Woman”. The venue was filled with cheers when the large screen at the back showed the MV of the song, since this was the first single after Meimi joined as a member of S/mileage. By seeing both the past S/mileage in the screen and the current ANGERME on stage at the same time, in a way, we were able to synchronize the past and present.

After the uptempo songs, they performed “Smile Fantasy” from the musical that S/mileage acted in 2014, which illustrates the miracle of a person’s encounter with another. The song started with Meimi’s solo, and it was already as if we were watching a musical. We were able to sense her talent of conveying a story with her singing voice, and persuaded us that this skill will certainly be an advantage when pursuing her career as a musical star. The worldview that she created throughout the song not only hit the audience, but also moved Akari Takeuchi to tears.


There is always a song that expresses the member’s current feelings on stage. “Kousaten” was definitely one of them, which sung about each person going on their own path towards their futures, and all the members had tears in their eyes as they sung this song.




The next song, “Koi Nara Tokkuni Hajimatteiru” instantly changed the emotional atmosphere, and raised the voltage of the audience with the continuous flow of high energy songs such as “Watashi Choito Kawaii Urabancho” and “Taikibansei”.


After ending the live with “Sukichan”, the venue was filled with voices shouting the encore call and waving of purple lights. Answering the voices of the fans, Meimi appeared once again in a sweet orange dress with a design of polka dots.


As she read out a letter to the members and fans, she reflected back to the time when she tried out for the audition of S/mileage,

“I loved the initial members of S/mileage so I was shocked when I saw them recruiting 2nd generation members. Then, my sister told me, ‘If you’re that shocked, why don’t you try out for the audition?’. I passed the audition and became a member of S/mileage.”


She also commented that she would like to come back on stage as a professional artist.

At last, they sung “Tomoyo” together, and Meimi ended her life as an idol. As already announced, Meimi will walk towards her next step to become a musical actress from now on.

“I have lived for 17 years, but today was the happiest day of all my life, and I truly think there is no one else happier than me. Thank you so much.

I have only one thing to tell you all.

I really appreciate you. Thank you very much for all your support!

…Oh, I had another thing.

I love you all!!!!! “.


Ending the 1752 days Meimi spent as an idol, she mentioned during the live that she enjoyed the happiest moment out of her 17 years so far. Rather than perceiving the concert as a good-bye, it seemed more like a happy end that still has a continuation of a story awaiting ahead of us.

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