Iketeru Hearts Spread Their Wings Toward Taiwan! Performances on July 2016 Are Confirmed

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Iketeru Hearts Spread Their Wings Toward Taiwan! Performances on July 2016 Are Confirmed

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On May 31st, It was announced that Iketeru Hearts is going to perform in Taiwan on July 9th and 10th! They will have four performances during two days, three for joining IDOLidge Carnival in TAIPEI event, and one as opening act for Afilia Saga’s solo concert in Taiwan.

The announce was made during their regular concerts “AKIBA Stand-Up! Nights” held at AKIBA Cultures Theatre. After they performed five songs including their latest single “Sekai he Habatake!” and when they were going to move on to the last song, suddenly the light at the venue went down and the phrase “Big Announcement”(重大発表) was projected onto the screen, and it showed “First Taiwan Performance Confirmed”.

iketeru-hearts-taiwan-announce-09 iketeru-hearts-taiwan-announce-08

The members didn’t know about the announcement beforehand, so at first they got confused and surprised,  but then cried for happiness. The audience celebrated their oversea performances with warm rooting and applause.

Along with the information about Taiwan, the artwork for their new single “Sekai he Habatake!” was revealed, and it was also announced that they will continue to hold their regular live at AKIBA Cultures theatre on July, August, and September.


They will expand their wings around the world as their latest single’s title “Sekai he Habatake!” means! This will be their 3rd oversea performance followed by Japan Expo 2015 in Paris and Anime Festival Asia in Singapore last year!


IDOLidge Carnival in TAIPEI & Afilia Saga 2016 One-man tour in Taiwan
Pass for all the four performances
Performers : Afilia Saga/Mai Kotone/Iketeru Hearts
Advance ticket 15,000yen(台湾元5,000), door ticket 18,000yen(台湾元5,500)
Ticket purchase for Japanese :

July 9th

IDOLidge Carnival in TAIPEI 
Open : 10:00, Start : 11:00
Performers :Afilia Saga/Mai Kotone/Iketeru Hearts/etc
Advanced ticket 4,000yen (台湾元1300), door ticket 4,500yen(台湾元1500)
Ticket information :

Afilia Saga 2016 One-man tour in Taiwan “Tenku no Ark light LOST IN THE SKY”
Open 18:00, Start 18:30
Opening act : Iketeru Hearts, special guest : Mai Kotone
Advanced ticket 4,000yen (台湾元1300), door ticket 4,500yen(台湾元1500)
Ticket information :

July 10th

IDOLidge Carnival in TAIPEI
Day time part : Open 10:30, Start 11:00
Evening part : Open 17:00, Start 17:30
Venue:Taiwan Jack’s Studio(杰克音樂)
Address:台北市萬華區 昆明街76號B1
Performers : Afilia Saga, Mai Kotone, Iketeru Hearts, etc
Advanced tickets 4,000yen(台湾元1300), door ticket 4,500yen (台湾元1500)
Ticket information :
Daytime part

Evening part


中国語版 (Chinese version) 
IDOLidge Carnival in TAIPEI & Afilia Saga 2016 巡迴演唱會in台灣「天邊的一道弧光 LOST IN THE SKY」

①開場10:00 開演11:00
②開場18:00 開演18:30

③開場10:30 開演11:00
④開場17:00 開演17:30
会場:台湾Jack’s Studio(杰克音樂)
住所:台北市萬華區 昆明街76號B1

IDOLidge Carnival in TAIPEI &Afilia Saga 2016 巡迴演唱會in台灣 4公演共通門票

Afilia Saga 2016 巡迴演唱會in台灣
「天邊的一道弧光 LOST IN THE SKY」


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