Makoto Okunaka Makes Surprise Appearance During Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆ Sold Out 3rd One-Man Live!

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Makoto Okunaka Makes Surprise Appearance During Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆ Sold Out 3rd One-Man Live!

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Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆ celebrated their 3rd one-man live in front of a sold out audience at Shibuya club asia on September 17, 2016 with the help of an old friend as former PASSPO☆ member Makoto Okunaka put on her pink happi coat once again for a surprise appearance during the encore!

In their largest venue to date, Gen-san (Shiori Mori), Zaian (Naomi Anzai), DJ FUJIKI (Yukimi Fujimoto), and Charisma (Natsumi Iwamura) took the stage hiding behind cardboard eggs as the epic fanfare of “Also sprach Zarathustra” (2001: A Space Odyssey) rang through the venue. Bursting free from their corrugated shells, the Hacchake-tai sprung into action with “Born this Weei”, their first CD single which was released a few days earlier on September 14th. Shaking their shoulders and punching at the ground like comedian Yoshio Kojima, the air was electric. DJ FUJIKI and Charisma swung a jump rope made out of towels knotted together as Gen-san and Zaian were joined by their fans who jumped along with them in front of the stage.

The performance began heating up even more as the next song was “Hacchake Sensation”, Charisma and DJ FUJIKI holding up signboards, a portrait of their choreographer Natsumi Takenaka, and a high-rise apartment with Ai Negishi’s photo pasted to it. Gen-san and Zaian strummed their cardboard guitars as the fans thrust their hands toward the stage.

Stopping to greet their fans, the Hacchake-tai proudly announced that the live was sold out, making it a perfect hat trick for them. They explained that the theme of the live was of “birth”, which is why they came out in eggs. DJ FUJIKI added that they had applied to have “Matsuri wo Yobu Otoko”, the coupling song of “Born this Weei” to be considered for a travel show but, it ended up going to Kaela Kimura instead. Waving their uchiwa (fan), hoisting their cardboard mikoshi (portable shrine), and finishing with a burst of streamers, Hacchake-tai made a strong case for their cause.

Picking up their towels once again, Hacchake-tai tried to cool off the hot air inside Shibuya Clubasia with “Natsuzora Dash” and “LA LA LOVE TRAIN” but the voices off the fans kept getting louder as they called out and danced along with them. Reminding the fans that Hacchake-tai had brought with them new T-shirts and tenugui (手拭い, cotton hand towels), attention turned to how well it suited Gen-san who had hers tied around her head like a sushi chef or kendo practitioner.

The string of “Hacchake-fied” PASSPO☆ songs rolled on with “Vivi Natsu”, a cardboard Mio Masui held up by Charisma met with a rush of fans calling out her name. DJ FUJIKI emerged from backstage with a black balloon posing as a bomb and passing it back and forth between the members as if they were in a cartoon to set off “Dom Dom Freedom”. Beaming up with “Cosmic You”, the energy around the stage intensified.

Moving on with “Kimi wa Hacchake-tai wo Suki ni Naru”, DJ FUJIKI held up cards with the lyrics as Charisma intently played her tambourine and Zaian and Gen-san sang on the edges of the stage. Running through a series of cards with pictures of sushi toppings on them, attention was drawn to Anna Tamai, who was watching from the balcony, as the dozen or so cards at the end of the stack only had egg (たまご, tamago) and Tamai listed.

The solo section of the live was ’90’s themed and had Charisma taking the first spot with a cutesy cover of Ryoko Hirosue’s “Maji de koi suru 5-byoumae”. Zaian brought out a cardboard Mr. Bean as she took on Kazumasa Oda’s “Love Story wa Totsuzen ni” from the mega-hit trendy drama “Tokyo Love Story”.

Gen-san appeared with a combover wig and had the audience singing along to the anthemic “Guts Da ze!!” by the Ulfuls. DJ FUJIKI strutted out onto the stage for Itoshisa wo Setsnasa to Kokoro-zuyosa”, channeling the presence of Ryoko Shinohara. However, the situation turned comical as the other members started hitting her with their fans towards the end of the song.

The “last call” of the live ushered in “High Tension Emotion”, the fans still showing no signs of tiring as the Hacchake-tai skipped around the stage, DJ FUJIKI spinning the other members as if they were records on turntables and Gen-san leaping into the arms of Zaian before planting a kiss on the floppy cardboard Mr. Bean as 2 (male) fans copied the act. Boarding their cardboard airliner, Hacchake-tai took to the skies with “Shojo Hikou”, serenaded by the singing of their fans.

Blasting through “Material Girl”, the audience surged forward like a wave, one of the audience members getting caught up and tossed in the air like a successful college entrant twice. Gen-san pulled a cardboard sun around her face and was lifted like the sun rising over the mountains. Hacchake-tai’s third one-man live roared to a close with “Kibun wa Saiko! Saiko! Saiko!”.

Announcing that they had prepared a slide show for the event but all the members of Petit PASSPO☆ were not in attendance, two fans were called onto the stage to help after a fierce janken battle with Gen-san. Zaian read through the life history of the Hacchake-tai from their childhoods, while pictures of her as a gyaru, Charisma as a schoolgirl, DJ FUJIKI on the beach, and Gen-san at as school sports festival were passed from left to right. Again, the mood of reminiscence was amplified as the Hacchake-tai lead the audience in singing a sentimental song, this time a cover of Kazumasa Oda’s “Kotoba ni Dekinai”. Removing their heart-shaped glasses, the Hacchake-tai bowed and left the stage.

After a few minutes of a “Hacchake-tai de hacchaketai!” (I want to party with the Hacchake-tai!) encore call, the members returned with custom-made new happi coats pulled over the T-shirts exclusive to the day’s performance. DJ FUJIKI reminded the audience about PASSPO☆’s tour and just as they were about to begin “Born this Weei”, Shibuya club asia was thrown into turmoil as a 5th egg, a pink one, appeared on the stage, cracking open to reveal former PASSPO☆ member Makoto Okunaka who had graduated from the group on January 1st, 2015. Having gotten the attention of everyone within the venue, Makoto announced that Hacchake-tai would be holding an all-night event at Asagaya Loft on December 10th to close out 2016. Kechas and cheers surrounded Okunaka as she stood on the riser at the front of the stage before she ran back to jump over the towel rope with Zaian and Gen-san. With another explosion of streamers, this time augmented with a bazooka, Hacchake-tai took a photo to commemorate their unforgettable 3rd one-man live.

Photos by Ikko Nishimura

Set List

01 Born this Weei
02 Hacchake Sensation
03 Matsuri wo Yobu Otoko
04 Natsuzora Dash (Hacchake version)
05 LA LA LOVE TRAIN (Hacchake version)
06 Vivi Natsu (Hacchake version)
07 Dom Dom Freedom (Hacchake version)
08 Cosmic You (Hacchake version)
09 Kimi wa Hacchake-tai wo Suki ni Naru
10 Maji de koi suru 5-byoumae (Ryoko Hirosue cover)
11 Love Story wa Totsuzen ni (Kazumasa Oda cover)
12 Guts Da ze!! (Ulfuls cover)
13 Itoshisa wo Setsnasa to Kokoro-zuyosa to (Ryoko Shinohara cover)
14 High Tension Emotion
15 Shojo Hikou (Hacchake version)
16 Material Girl (Hacchake version)
17 Kibun wa Saiko! Saiko! Saiko!
18 Kotoba ni Dekinai (Kazumasa Oda cover)

E1 Born this Weei


PASSPO☆Teki Yagai Ongakudo=Tokorozawa Kouku Koen ~The Biggest Outdoor One-Man Flight~
November 19, 2016 (Saturday)
Tokorozawa Kouku Kinen Koen (Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park) Outdoor Stage
Open 13:00/Start 14:00

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Born this Weei / Hacchake Tai from PASSPO
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Gimigimi Action / Love Refrain / PASSPO
Gimigimi Action / Love Refrain / PASSPO

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