Nogizaka46 Mai Shiraishi to Release Her 1st Photobook and Soon to be Reprinted!

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Nogizaka46 Mai Shiraishi to Release Her 1st Photobook and Soon to be Reprinted!

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Shiraishi Mai, from Nogizaka 46, and who is also known for being an exclusive model for Ray magazine, has released her first photobook titled “Nogizaka 46 Mai Shiraishi 1st photobook MAI STYLE” on January 23.

The photobook will include make-up tutorials to achieve “Mai-yan”’s look,as well as private snaps and photographs of her cooking. It will also include collections of her beauty and fashion features from Ray magazine.

Mai also discusses a variety of topics, including her childhood and school days, her work as a model and idol, and her thoughts towards marriage.

Among the photo sets featured are Mai in New Caledonia, swimming and waking up in the morning, as well as a shoot featuring her ideal wedding. Bookstores have reported a huge number of pre-orders for the photobook.

On the same day as the photobook release, the March edition of Ray magazine (also featuring Mai) went on sale, so be sure to pick up both!

The photobook and the March issue of Ray magazine both come with AR codes on the back which you can scan with your smartphone in order to view an exclusive AR video clip. Mai has recorded several different special messages just for those who access the clips using the AR codes. We’re looking forward to checking out this novel new way of accessing media!

Translated by Evie Lund


Nogizaka46 Shiraishi Mai Photobook "MAI STYLE" / Shiraishi Mai

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