Music START! LoveLive! Project 2015 Rewind: Look Back at the Greatest Year for μ’s Ever!

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Music START! LoveLive! Project 2015 Rewind: Look Back at the Greatest Year for μ’s Ever!

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2015 was a blast year for LoveLive! that was excellent to celebrate their 5th anniversary!! Even after the broadcasting of the 2nd season anime, the exposure of LoveLive! project increased and never showed a decay in popularity. The movie was a huge hit that renew the highest grossing of the late anime movie that overcame Puella Magi Madoka Movie. It marked the attendance of 1.5 million people in the theater, and the movie, usually continues for a month, can be still seen in some theaters. Let’s review the activity of LoveLive! Project of 2015!!

Singles and Albums


LoveLive! Project appeared on many CD single rankings this year which led to recognition for many citizens. Also, the singles from the movie were recognized from the TV commercials that also involved the LoveLive! fever. LoveLive! School Idol Festival, the rhythm game app that is played by over 20 million people, collaboration singles were also released this year too. These are the singles that were released this year.

※Result of the highest ranking in CD Single Ranking

Blu-ray and DVD


The live performance that was held in the beginning of this year has already been released as a Blu-ray and DVD which also ranked in the top sales after the release. Three versions were sold for people who attended or could not attend the live performance. Also, the Blu-ray of the LoveLive! The School Idol Movie will be on sale this month that is perfect to sum up LoveLive! before the start of 2016.




The beginning of 2015 was a blast for μ’s which filled up the Saitama Super Arena with sixty thousand people (thirty thousand people each day) in total of two days. Next year, the 6th live is already announced, and fans are waiting to get their serial code to subscribe the 6th live. The serial code will be enclosed in the movie blu-ray.
Not just μ’s, but the new project LoveLive! Sunshine brought out a new idol group called “Aquors”. Aquors started their first releasing event tour around Japan.



Last week, a huge announcement was known for fans that μ’s will be on the NHK Year End Grand Song Festival, which is an annual music show on New Year’s Eve. Every year, the artists announced are artists who represent that year, and μ’s is the first voice actress unit that will be on the stage!! Also, this Friday, they will appear on Music Station, a Japanese music television program that famous gateway for many artists. We cannot miss out their stage on TV that wraps up their successful year!

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