Cast For the Live Action Movie of Attack on Titan Announced! Haruma Miura Plays Eren, Kiko Mizuhara Plays Mikasa

Cast For the Live Action Movie of Attack on Titan Announced!  Haruma Miura Plays Eren, Kiko Mizuhara Plays Mikasa

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Cast and movie visuals for the live action movie of the hit manga series Attack on Titan were revealed on November 20th.

In July a cast member-only list went public, and there was much hot debate over which role would be played by whom. Now it’s been revealed that Haruma Miura will play Eren, Kiko Mizuhara will play Mikasa, Kanata Hongo will play Armin, Takahiro Miura will play Jean, Nanami Sakuraba will play Sasha, and Satomi Ishihara will play Hange. New characters such as Sannagi, Fukushi, and Hiana will also appear in the film.

There are quite a few new characters that will be making an appearance. Manga creator Isayama, along with the director and scriptwriters, coined new, suitable characters as hybrids, a result of efforts to build up the live action’s storyline.

One point of interest is that popular character Levi’s name does not appear. When the cast name list was released back in July, many fans predicted that Levi might be played by Hasegawa. However with this new cast reveal, it became apparent that Hasegawa would be playing the role of one the new characters, Shikishima. As he’s been given the title of “humanity’s most powerful man”, one can’t help but wonder if his character is similar to Squad Leader Levi. It remains unclear.

Furthermore, visuals from the movie will be displayed in poster format as part of an Attack on Titan exhibit held at the Ueno Royal Museum from November 28th. Incidentally, the exhibit will also feature life-size, super sized titans, a “light and sound full body experience theater” where you can feel the sensation of a world dominated by titans, and other incredible contents that are very much worth checking out.

Shiro Sagisu, who has worked on the Rebuild of Evangelion series as well as Berserk, will be in charge of the film’s score. The movie “Attack on Titan” is the second part of a tie-in trilogy, which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2015.

Since the film’s overseas release has yet to be determined, why not make a trip out to Japan next summer and come see the film?

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Translated by Jamie Koide

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