It’s All 9s for LinQ During Their “LinQ Day” Performance at “LinQuest Hall” in Harajuku!

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It’s All 9s for LinQ During Their “LinQ Day” Performance at “LinQuest Hall” in Harajuku!

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LinQ held a release event titled “9/9 Ultimate 9 Songs” (in Japanese it can be read “Kyuu-gatsu Kyuu-nichi Kyuukyoku no Kyuu-kyoku, in order to take advantage of the “kyuu” sound in LinQ which is short for Love in Kyushu and the number 9) at Harajuku Quest Hall on September 9, 2015 (“LinQ Day”, also celebrated as “9nine day”).


Natsu Amano, Yusa Sugimoto, Ayaka Oba, Miku Ichinose, Mayu Momosaki, Ayano Yamaki, Ami Himesaki, Yuumi Takaki, Manami Sakura, Asaka Sakai, Maki Ito, Kana Fukuyama, and Fuko Shira were the 13 members of LinQ that made the journey to the capital for a live overflowing with energy.


Beginning with “LinQuest- Yagate Densetsu e…”, it was a mix of new and classic LinQ songs that struck deep into the hearts of the fans. As a special treat, LinQ debuted the performance of “Anata ni”, a cover of the hit song from Okinawan punk rock band MONGOL 800, which is a coupling song on the special event limited edition of “LinQuest- Yagate Densetsu e…”. Here is the MV for “Anata ni”.

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At the end of the performance, Yuumi Takaki joked, “This place (Harajuku Quest Hall) became LinQuest Hall, didn’t it?”

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Also performed at the live was “I, Screamin'”, the coupling song for the regular version of “LinQuest- Yagate Densetsu e…”. Here is the lyric video for it.

Manami Sakura added, “Because there are so many members in LinQ, today was a special live where this combination of members could be seen exclusively! That’s why I’m super happy that we could have such a good time with everyone together! I’m going to take everything from today back to Fukuoka and use it to level up even more!”

Set List

01 LinQuest- Yagate Densetsu e…
02 Jump Jump Jump!
03 I, Screamin’
04 Hare Hare☆Parade
05 Anata ni
06 Wessai!! Gassai!!

E1 V to ROAD
E2 for you

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