Little Glee Monster Shows Off the Unbelievable One Take MV for “Suki da.”!

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Little Glee Monster Shows Off the Unbelievable One Take MV for “Suki da.”!

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Little Glee Monster have put together an amazing short version of the MV for “Suki da.” (release date: September 23)!

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“Suki da” is the theme song for the drama ” Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu!”, which is about a girl who comes to Tokyo from the countryside (Kagawa prefecture) to join the chorus club of a formerly prestigious high school, which is now facing dissolution. The MV begins with Maju and Serina going crazy for a stack of pancakes but after just one bite, they run off and begin singing. What a waste! Joined by the others as they move to the house next door, manaka turns off the stereo and Little Glee Monster show off their vocal ability as it switches to live vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar. Moving back outside, a band has set themselves up by the pool and just like the MV for “Girls be Free!”, the music switches to a live band arrangement. At almost 5 minutes long, how long will the “full version” be?

“Suki da.” will be released in a limited edition version with a DVD as well as a regular CD-only version. The DVD has the full length MV and the making of video. As it was filmed using one continuous long shot, a technique that is trending in 2015, and uses several interesting ways to display the lyrics, it should be interesting to see all the planning that went into making the MV. The coupling songs are: “Kakikake no Mirai”, a cover of “CUPS(WHEN I’M GONE)”, and a live version of “HARMONY” which was recorded on November 24, 2014. “Kakikake no Mirai” is one of the songs used on the NHK BS miniseries “Onna Michi”, which is about a woman in her early 30s being visited by her future self who wants to help change her life.

If you haven’t seen Little Glee Monster perform “CUPS(WHEN I’M GONE)” before, here is a recent version of it on their YouTube channel.

Little Glee Monster will be starting their 13 city autumn tour on September 5th in Fukuoka so, don’t miss a chance to see one of the most talented young groups in Japan!

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