No Polite Japanese Please! Get Closer to Gyaru Culture at 10sion in Shibuya

No Polite Japanese Please!  Get Closer to Gyaru Culture at 10sion in Shibuya
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Shibuya is the center of the Japanese, young female culture, especially of “gyaru (‘gal’ in English spelling)” culture was flourished as part of Japanese girls culture and Shibuya has become the iconic place.

I have mentioned briefly about “10sion” is a gyaru café/bar located in the middle of Shibuya in the last article about the “gyaru revival.”

With this “gyaru” comeback starting to be more conspicuous lately, we have actually visited to “10sion,” to actually get closer and to be in touch with the gyaru themselves and gyaru culture itself.

gyaru-cafe-10sion-10 gyaru-cafe-10sion-07

As we got up in to the building, the door was filled with enlarged photos of gyarus’ selfies and purikura. At a glimpse, my heart throbbed as I get to see the flamboyant atmosphere from the door. As we opened and got in through the door, the counter table with six seater chairs and already, there were couple of customers enjoying their drinks with the gyaru staff, and not just the gyaru staff, but the customers there also welcomed us in.

In the corner, there were two table seats with sofa chairs for group people can get comfortable. And on the one side of the wall in the corner, there were also stacks of gyaru magazines, about fashion, cosmetics, nails etc. for people to look into.


The gyaru staff explained to us the rules of the place, actually, one and only rule; no polite language, or “no keigo” in the bar. In the bar, you have to interact with the staff and the other customers as if you are friends, more frank than being alone and stranger. If you accidently talk in keigo, then you will be penalized with drinking tequila shot, so be careful! (or no?)

The gyaru staff we got in touch were the manager of the bar, Aitan, “shiro-gyaru” type young female who likes to party, to drink and a fan of “3rd Generation J Soul Brothers.” And the other staff we got in touch was, Yuringo, who consider to be comedian of the bar, who is also a youtube singer (in another name), and loves to have her hair color in rad colors.


Both of these staffs were very friendly to us and Yuringo showed us their recommended food menu, “Deka-Me Omuraisu (Omlet Rice)” with the ketchup picture of the huge eye. Yuringo explains it’s the “14.5,” the biggest rim size of the colored contact.

gyaru-cafe-10sion-01gyaru-cafe-10sion-02 gyaru-cafe-10sion-08 gyaru-cafe-10sion-03

The other menus that the staff recommended were the Takoyaki Russian roulette. We have tried it, and we can enjoy it with friends and also invite in with the gyaru staff to play it together. Also, another recommended menu is the “Kiki Cocktail,” or the tasting to guess what kind of cocktail that the staff has served. (The kind of cocktail changes)

Although the staff are the gyaru, they are not like the extreme gyaru like the “Yamanba” type, that looks intimidating, but the staffs’ nails are decorated fancy but short, with their clean skin. They even remind us, “We take shower!”

Kumikky, who used to be the cover model of Popteen as “gyaru charisma,” came in to 10sion and said, “It’s so nostalgic! (Natsukashii!)” to feel that gyaru atmosphere she has used to be involved in. She also mentions that gyaru is becoming extinct and she says she would like to bring her gyaru model friends to “10sion” as well to remember back the “gyaru” culture that has been shared back in the past. Aitan, the manager of 10sion said that she used to be one of the biggest fans of Kumikky and proved us how Kumikky was such charismatic for those gyaru to look in to. Kumikky seemed to be happy and relaxed to be back in her nest as well.


The customers seem to be close with the gyaru staff, whether they are repeaters or first-time visitor, it was very difficult to determine what kind of customers are who because everyone is friends in 10sion.

If you would like to experience what it is like to hang around with gyaru, or want to be one of them, how about take a step inside for a nice chat with gyaru in Shibuya.

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Photo by kobadog

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Address : KN Shibuya2 Building 7F, Udagawa-cho 13-9, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shibuya
TEL : 03-6416-0419



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