Creator Lewo Saito’s Life Testimony: “The end of the world” Exhibition Opens December 29, 2017

クリエイター・サイトウ零央の一つの証明:初の個展[ The end of the world ]が12月29日より開催
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Creator Lewo Saito’s Life Testimony: “The end of the world” Exhibition Opens December 29, 2017

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Designer and photographer Lewo Saito will be holding an exhibition from December 29, 2017 till January 4, 2018 at studio grachouchou in Asakusabashi, Tokyo.

Lewo Saito not only works on many magazine and web design projects and music videos, but also creates photo and film work based on cosplay. An unmatched creator, the overwhelming quality and ephemeral beauty of his world view takes center stage in his creations.

Till now he has been actively collaborating with various creators in cosplay photo exhibitions including “CTY” and “install…exhibition [0516ix]”, but this time it will be a one-man exhibition.

We invited Lewo Saito to tell us more about his solo exhibition and the reason he decided to come to the forefront.

The desire to feel through exhibition/展示という形で感じてほしい

Lewo Saito-exhibition-2017-01

Lewo Saito: I generally root myself in the creation of works behind the scenes, so this is a rare case. I came to the desire to do a solo exhibition; it was a sort of awakening.

The theme is “testimony of life”.
I can’t only express my art through photo books and film, so I decided to have an output through exhibition. I’m coming up with ways to utilize the whole venue.

This time, I’m keeping the contents of my work even from the models appearing.
I want people to get rid of all unnecessary prejudices and stir up emotions from the exhibition I construct.
I’d like the people who see my work to question what they feel, and I’d also like to know what feelings are evoked in them.

The works in this exhibition won’t be published in any photo books or on the internet, so I hope people will come to the venue to enjoy them.

Lewo Saito-exhibition-2017-02

Through his answers, the enigma only grew deeper.
To discover just who Lewo Saito truly is, one must witness his art with their own eyes and feel it.

Lewo Saito exhibition “The end of the world”
December 29, 2017 (Fri.) – January 4, 2018 (Thu.)
Venue: Tokyo Asakusabashi studio grachouchou
Address: Kowaasakusabasi Bld.2F, 1-34-3, Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Hours: 5:00 p.m. – 0:00 a.m.
Ticket: 500yen
Special site:
Lewo Saito official Twitter:

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