Artificial Life and Death at Science Fiction Exhibition “install…exhibition [0516ix]”

SFの世界がここに! 三人の奇才が織りなす展示『install...exhibition [0516ix]』
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Artificial Life and Death at Science Fiction Exhibition “install…exhibition [0516ix]”

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Photographer/graphic designer Lewo Saito, modeler Hiroto Ikeuchi, and model Riko Konoe collaborated for install…exhibition [0516ix] at the popular studio grachouchou in Asakusabashi from March 28th to March 30th.

install-exhibition-07 install-exhibition-08 install-exhibition-18

The exhibition which derives from a certain sci-fi novel, was a big success with 3 straight days of fans and peers of the 3 creators in attendance.


At the entrance there are several large photographs and gadgets created by Hiroto Ikeuchi on display.

install-exhibition-05 install-exhibition-06

Riko Konoe is an android who is the protagonist of this story. While she may appear fleeting at first glance, her mysterious existence evokes a strong sense of life.

The time axis of the exhibition’s story is broken into 4 areas.


[Area of Memory] Fragments of the past and dreams are hung up.


[Area of the Researcher] The third-person viewpoint of observing the android.


[Area of Discord] Life and death, her selection.


[Area of Despair] Under black light the beauty of despair rises to the surface.

I had a chance to speak to the trio responsible for creating such a stimulating exhibition.

—What is the theme of this exhibition?

Lewo Saito (hereafter, Lewo): It’s a spin-off exhibition based on the photobook “0.5℃16℃” that we released in the winter. The setting is the room where the humanoid android (Riko Konoe) and her clone are being observed and researched. I wanted it to be an exhibition where the sense of “impermanence” could be felt in its entirety.

—Was there anything in particular that you were fixated on?

Lewo : Because the story is about an android that exists in the past (the previous photobook) there is an area where her fragmented memories and data are on display, and also having places where the background music changed to create a flickering sensation. All the photos in the exhibition were displayed with special lights. By adjusting the amount of daylight and black light, an effect of transparency and luminescence of the skin comes out.


—The moldings are quite striking. Please explain what you had in mind when you were making them.

Hiroto Ikeuchi (hereafter Ikeuchi): Because the model Konoe-san, isn’t really that “human-like”, and I mean that in a good way, I didn’t use a lot of colors in the pieces, focusing on black and white to make the best of her particular traits.


—During the photo shoot, how did you end up choosing the pieces used?

Ikeuchi: Konoe-san is really strong so I rushed to the location with a lot of different gadgets.

—Is there anything in particular that you were concerned with for the exhibition?

Ikeuchi: It has to be how the pieces would go with the scenery. By the way, the instant photos at the exhibition were produced by the request of Lewo-san. We were able to take some proper pictures.

install-exhibition-14 install-exhibition-03 install-exhibition-01

—How was it modeling this time?

Riko Konoe (hereafter Konoe): I approached the shoot while thinking that I was an android. I tried my best to look pained in the scenes with the water.

install-exhibition-19 install-exhibition-10

—How was it seeing the exhibition take shape?

Konoe: Actually, when I was in elementary and middle school, I was a shut-in. At that time I discovered Lewo-san’s work on the internet and admired him since then. That’s why I truly have no regrets in being able to create something together.


Under a black light the remaining life span of the android appears, which is the last day of the exhibition.

The quality of the exhibition from the story to the photographs, images, and plastic molding, was overwhelming. I have nothing but high expectations for anything that these 3 might do together in the future.

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