Ladybeard, Catgirls, Ninjas, Gyaru, Sailor Fuku Ojisan Team Up in Craziest KFC Commercial Ever?
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Japanese commercials are known for being really unusual but, KFC Japan’s commercial for Autumn 2016 may just be the commercial of the year? Shot in glorious VHS resolution, the short video centers on the quest for the ultimate “tare” (sauce) for fried chicken. Ladybeard appears as a chef representing the “Yamitsuki Shoyu”, accompanied by an army of gyaru and the “Wafu Oroshi Chicken Sandwich” is represented by cosplayer Enako as a catgirl ninja. Sailor Fuku Ojisan plays a god floating in the sky as he oversees the flavor showdown!

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The song “Taressence” is performed by Ladybeard, who also provides the narration. It sounds like the opening theme to an anime from the 1980’s!

Even if you can’t go out and try either of the saucy new chicken items at KFC Japan, you can definitely get your fill of OMGWTFBBQ by watching the video over and over again!

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