Wild in the Streets of Shibuya! BiSH Unleash MV for “Hontou Honki”!

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Wild in the Streets of Shibuya! BiSH Unleash MV for “Hontou Honki”!

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BiSH roam the streets of Shibuya late at night searching for Ayuni D in the MV for “Hontou Honki” from their first full-length album “KiLLER BiSH” (release date: October 5)!

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Revealed on the day that physical copies of “KiLLER BiSH” hit shelves across Japan, the MV is a collaboration between award-winning director Ken Ninomiya and Havit Art Studio. The members of BiSH roll through the streets of Shibuya causing all kinds of chaos, eventually finding Ayuni D as the sun begins to rise in the morning. Other highlights include the kiss between Aina The End and Cent Chihiro Chitti (a homage to BiS’ “Paprika”?), the members of BiSH being splashed with paint, and Aina’s dancing in a narrow hallway. The lyrics were written by Ayuni D.


“KiLLER BiSH” will be released in a CD/DVD live version, a regular CD version and a Loppi・HMV exclusive CD/DVD version. The live version includes their entire IDOL SWINDLE TOUR FINAL at Shinagawa Stellar Ball on March 27, 2016 with all 29 songs (including them performing “BiSH –Hoshi Ga Matataku Yoru–” 6 times in a row to end the encore). The DVD for the Loppi・HMV version includes the MV for “Orchestra” and scenes from the BiSH Cannonball. BiSH finish their Less than SEX TOUR finale “Teiou Sekkai” (帝王切開, caesarian section) at Hibiya Yaon on October 8, 2016.

Track List

01 DEADMAN(2nd)
02 First Kitchen Life
03 Orchestra
04 Stairway to me
05 IDOL is SHiT
06 Hontou Honki
07 Am I FRENZY??
08 My distinction
09 summertime
10 Hey gate
11 Throw away
12 Ikitete yokatta toiu no nara

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Title is to be announced (1st Album) / BiSH
Title is to be announced (1st Album) / BiSH


KiLLER BiSH (Loppi/HMV version) [CD+DVD]

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