Do You Feel Loved? Seiko Oomori and Several Dozen Japanese Girls Say “I Love You” in the MV for “”!

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Do You Feel Loved? Seiko Oomori and Several Dozen Japanese Girls Say “I Love You” in the MV for “”!

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Seiko Oomori enlists the help of some of her friends in the MV for “” from her double A-side comeback single “ JOY! Before After” (release date: February 17)!

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The MV opens with Oomori preparing to film herself with her newborn baby lying just out of frame. What follows is nothing short of amazing, short clips of young girls including Rinne Yoshida, Rei Kuromiya, and UPUPGIRLS (KARI) saying “I love you” (Aishiteruyo) flash across the screen in quick succession. Even though some of them know to turn the phone sideways to film in landscape mode, the video still only takes up 1/3rd of the screen. “” was originally on the soundtrack for the film “Wonderful World End” which Ai Hashimoto and Jun Aonami played the main characters but was remade with the help of sound producer Seiji Kameda. “Gekiteki JOY! Before After” is the theme song for the film “Heavy Shabby Girl” directed by Kanae Higashi, the designer of Hand-knitting brand “Rurumuu”, and Shinya Okuno (Soul Flower Union) works as the sound producer for the song.

“ JOY! Before After” will be released in two types, the regular edition and the limited edition. The limited edition includes special T-shirts designed by Kanae Higashi, Oomori’s detailed bad/unlucky history table, is autographed by Oomori, and comes in a super special package designed by upcoming illustrator Ayaco Hino. Both versions include a 3rd song titled “Fan Letter”. The cover of the regular version features Rei Kuromiya and Rie Kaneko from LADYBABY on it!

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