LADY BABY to Appear at Miss iD Stage During Tokyo Idol Festival?!?!

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LADY BABY to Appear at Miss iD Stage During Tokyo Idol Festival?!?!

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The list of idols scheduled to appear at the Miss iD SPECIAL STAGE during the second day of Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 have been announced! From 12:00pm until 12:45pm at the HOT STAGE on August 2nd, those who have won the audition that looks for unique girls to produce as idols will be recognized on the stage reserved for the elite performers of the weekend. Even if you have no interest or any idea why Miss iD is such an important thing for the Japanese idol scene, one of the performers under the “solo stage” section is what should really get people excited: LADYBABY!!!!!!

This makes sense since Miss iD 2015 winners Rie Kaneko, Rei Kuromiya, and Shizu Mizuno (sometimes) are part of the group that has managed to get more than 4 million views on YouTube with the MV for their debut song “Nippon Manju” since it appeared on July 4, 2015.

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Also listed to appear on the “solo stage” are Vampillia, Junes☆Princess, chelmico, petit pas!, Maison book girl, and Mikichu. All groups have connections to Miss iD: Junes☆Princess member Haruhi Nakajima (2015), chelmico’s Rachel (2014), Kokoro Shinozaki (2015) of petit pas!, Aoi Yagawa (finalist 2015) of Maison book girl, and Mikichu (2015). Rie Kaneko has performed with Vampillia before.

Miss iD 2013: Haruka Oba (drop), Ayana Kinoshita (Sunmyu~), Ai Nishida, Shiho Takanashi

Miss iD 2014: Jun Aonami, Yufu Terashima, Ami Imamura, Rachel, Matilda, India Nakamura, Mao Onoguchi, Sayaka Ono, Hitomi Kimura, Kyoka (Yumemiru Adolescence)

MiSS iD 2015: Rie Kaneko, Mizuno Shizu, Rei Kuromiya, Kokoro Shinozaki (petit pas!), Aina Yamada, Raimu, Fantasista Sakurada, Homare Fukami, Nozomi Arai, Uchu Amagawa, Yuzu Amanatsu (Band Janaimon!), Miyuu Kusunoki, Nodoka Tsutsui, Haruhi Nakajima (Junes☆Princess), Chifumi Horikoshi, Rina Maruyama, Mikichu, Momoka

Mio Masui (PASSPO☆) and Rinne Yoshida will appear as special guests. There will also be a special Karin Maruyama stage, in remembrance of the 2013 Miss iD semifinalist and solo idol from Fukushima who lost her lifelong battle with cancer on May 22, 2015.


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