Promised to Continue to Illustrate Fantasy! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Successfully Completed Her Arena Tour for Her Largest Audience of 90,000 Fans

Promised to Continue to Illustrate Fantasy! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Successfully Completed Her Arena Tour for Her Largest Audience of 90,000 Fans

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s last performance of her first arena tour “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Colorful Panic TOY BOX” took place on November 9, 2014 (Sunday) at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

Just as the tour’s name implies, the concept of the set was a colorful toy box. As a present box hanging overhead lowers, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu wearing a Marie Antoinette inspired outfit appears and starts the concert with “Mottai Night Land.”
She said, “Hello Tokyo! This tour was inspired by my favorite colors and toy box. I debuted at 18 years old with ‘PONPONPON’, and I want to show you that pop, psychedelic, grotesque world from that time!”

From her first album, Pamyu Pamyu Revolution, she performed a medley of “Cherry BON BON”, “Suki Sugite Kiresou”, and “jelly”. Trampolines were set on the stage where two characters, Jumpy and Rappy, performed trampoline acrobatics to entertain the audience even more.

Kyary appeared in a very Kyary-like shocking pink dress decorated with mari (decorative balls) and a present box similar to the one on stage. During Ring a bell, 16 new Kyary Kids chosen from an audition performed “Ring a bell” on stage for the first time with Kyary. Kyary challenged a quick costume change illusion on stage during Serious Hitomi! When she stepped into the present box, she changed into a polka dot dress, and when the gold confetti fell, she changed into a gold dress. Gasps from the audience were heard when the intro to Fashion Monster played and she changed into a red and black mini dress for a total of three costume changes. Because the costume changes were so quick, there were times when it wouldn’t go right, so even Kyary herself was excited when the costume changes went smoothly.

In the middle of “Mi,” a large bear hidden in the middle of the stage bared its fangs and started howling. The stage was surrounded by fire and the atmosphere quickly changed. As the intro of “Kira Kira Killer” played, the center stage transformed into a large cake and Kyary with a strawberry headpiece emerged. The pink and green lace asymmetrical dress came from Kyary’s idea to sing on the top of a cake. In the second half of “Kira Kira Killer,” Kyary took out a ray gun from the strawberry and defeated the bear. She finished the main set with “Minna no Uta,” “Family Party,” and “Explorer,” a song from the point of view of a young boy on a voyage in his dream.

During the encore, she wore a tour shirt and bear ears (for the bear who was a main character during the show). Kyary expressed her gratitude towards the audience, “Today is the last day of the arena tour. I was really touched. It’s been three years since my debut, but I was really worried about filling up an arena for two days. Thank you, from the young children to the adults, for coming together,” she said with tears of joy. She had a runway built for the stage so she could be closer to the audience.

img-kyary-colorful-panic-toybox-01After performing “CANDY CANDY” and “Chan Chaka Chan Chan” during the encore, she made a promise in front of 10,000 fans to “continue to illustrate a world of fantasy to move and impress more people” and her 2 hour long fantasy world came to a close for a total of 23 songs. A recording of this concert will be on air on December 21 (Sunday) at 21:00 on WOWOW.

M1 Mottai Night Land
M2 Kyary ANAN
M3 Cherry Bon Bon
M4 Suki Sugite Kiresou
M5 jelly
M6 Super Scooter Happy
M7 Kimi Ni 100 Percent
M9 Ring a Bell
M10 Tsukema Tsukeru
M11 Oyasumi
M12 Serious Hitomi
M13 Fashion Monster
M14 Ninjari Bang Bang
M15 Invader Invader
M16 Mi
M17 Kira Kira Killer
M18 Minna no Uta
M19 Tokyo Highway
M20 Family Party
M21 Explorer
M23 Chan Chaka Chan Chan

《Broadcast Information》
The Final Day of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s First Arena Tour, 11/9 (Sunday) at Yoyogi
National Gymnasium Broadcast on WOWOW in December! ◆On Air: December 21, 21:00
For More Information:

Translated by Misato

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