Stunningly Beautiful! Cosplayer Yuzu Kotoki Travels the World in Search of the Ultimate Cosplay Photos!

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Stunningly Beautiful! Cosplayer Yuzu Kotoki Travels the World in Search of the Ultimate Cosplay Photos!

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Cosplay is recognized as something that you express through your costume and body, but there are some cosplayers who are very particular about the shooting location as well.

Yuzu Kotoki is one of those people. She travels around the world to represent the worldview of the character to the fullest. This time, we will introduce you some of Kotoki’s beautiful cosplay pictures, which will surely change your notions of cosplay.

Miku Hatsune

Kotoki values the sense of the seasons when shooting photos. As you may see, she expresses Miku Hatsune in various situations such as the summer ocean and snow-covered mountain.

kotoki-miku-hatsune-04 kotoki-miku-hatsune-03kotoki-miku-hatsune-01

These pictures she took at Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, known as one of the “The breathtaking sights in the world you want to see before you die”, are stunning!



This piece was taken on the isolated island of Okinawa. The pictures taken in caves and waterfalls that they struggled to arrive at are amazing. You can feel as if you are in an adventure just by looking at the pictures!



The fictional city of Neo-Venezia on planet Aqua-formerly Mars, is the setting of the story. In order to represent the scenes, she went all the way to Venice, Italy to take the pictures. Known as the city of canals, Venice is the best place for cosplay!

kotoki-aria-01 kotoki-aria-02 kotoki-aria-03


This photo reproduces the worldview of Fate by being shot at a fortified city in Spain. You might as well think that you can meet Saber if you come here. Kotoki is looking forward to taking some in England too.

kotoki-fate-01 kotoki-fate-02 kotoki-fate-03

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

In order to express the fairytale-like world that seems to depict scenes from a picture book, Kotoki took on the challenge of taking the photo underwater.

kotoki-madoka-magica-01 kotoki-madoka-magica-02 kotoki-madoka-magica-03

The solidity and transparency that can be depicted only underwater is absolutely impressive!

Kantai Collection (Combined Fleet Girls Collection)

This one was also taken by the ocean in Okinawa. The quality of the hull outfitting is amazing, but the photos that used fireworks and were taken underwater are overwhelming.

kotoki-kantai-collection-01 kotoki-kantai-collection-02 kotoki-kantai-collection-03


The mystical atmosphere of the story is expressed by using the studio to the fullest. The impact of the molded wings is amazing.

kotoki-clover-01 kotoki-clover-02

Other Cosplay Photos Representing Japan

The hurricane lilies are used in the background of the cosplay photos of Kakashi from Naruto and Ai Enma from Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo).


The work that makes use of cherry blossoms is Mikazuki Munechika from Touken Ranbu. All works depict the changes of the four seasons in Japan through cosplay.


Not only conveying their feelings towards the character and anime, Kotoki mentions that she hopes to capture the season and scene that is only present in that moment.

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