Only Hot Old Guys! Japanese Girls Admiration Toward The Cuteness of Clumsy Old Guys

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Only Hot Old Guys! Japanese Girls Admiration Toward The Cuteness of Clumsy Old Guys

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Many Japanese women find themselves in a situation of loving handsome young guys, but old quiet and simple men are quite charming for them too. This article will dig into the attractiveness of older guys that “kare-sen” girls, who love elder or even senior men, find.

Kare-sen comes from the Japanese term, “kare”; meaning mellowed or withered, and “sen”; meaning speciality. The two words are combined to indicate girls who cherish elder men. In Japan, celebrities who look young from his actual age are found to be very sexy and cute which might be the start of this liking. For example, Masaharu Fukuyama is an actor and a singer who is seen as being eternally young, but sexy at the same time.

Masaharu Fukuyama

Masaharu Fukuyama

However, similar, but different from this standard favoring, now kare-sen girls admire elder men with respect of both sexuality and moe. The below are four points that kare-sen girls seek to kare men.

・Composing calmness that comes from the grown-up mind
・Understanding the way to treat women
・Smartly sexy in attitude and manners
・Cuteness in understanding one’s self as being old

#1 through #3 are important points for those kare-sen girls, who dreams dating older men, but #4 might be a new genre that kare-sen girls, who are otaku, seek.

Hiroshi Kamiya, a voice actor

Hiroshi Kamiya, a voice actor

Otaku kare-sen girls favor voice actors, who many of them are older than the fans. Even though they are older than them, voice actors are treated as idols by fans, and fans call them “ojisan”, which means old man in a friendly way. This expression became familiar, because at the events or on radio programs, voice actors each other call “ojisan” in a joking way. This joking communication is thought to be cute by the fans which increased the number of kare-sen.

Not only it ends as just a preference, but dating or being in love situation with ojisan is developed throughout many media. The below are the examples.

・Novels/ Movies/ Manga


Novels are of course, movies and manga writing about love situation between young lady and old men are popular to many girls. It might be the desire of being a bit abnormal compared to dating with person that is near to one’s age. For example, manga “Otoko no Isshou” was made into cinema which created a sensation by the aesthetic scene of the old man pressing his lips to heroine’s toe.


Also, there are games that are made for kare-sen girls. The games are categorized as otome games, and girls can capture elder men’s heart and experience the dating with old men. There are games that include one or two elder characters in otome games, but characters in “Seifuku no Oujisama” are all old guys.

Next, we would like to introduce two anime that increased the number of otaku kare-sen girls. Like elder voice actors, otaku kare-sen girls call elder characters as “ojisan”.

1. Tiger and Bunny

Anime otaku should recognize this title, which created a huge blast in the world. The hero, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi is a man who is older compared to other characters who are young in age and physical strength. Hoewever, his passion toward saving people’s lives as a super hero and his playfulness are favored by many people, including kare-sen girls.


2. Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū


This anime that is on air this season brought kare-sen girls in delight. It is a work that first sets in the world where protagonist, Yuurakutei Yakumo (Kikuhiko), is around his old age, and then the story warps to his younger age, when he was called as Kikuhiko, to show what happened in his life. Kare-sen girls are interested in his younger age also, since many anime works don’t depict it that much due to the high rate of ojisan as sub-characters.

Seifuku no Ojisama Official Homepage:
Tiger and Bunny Official Homepage:
Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū Official Homepage:

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