Seiyu Radio Program Performs In Budoukan, Dream Stage for Every Japanese Artist!! The Popularity and Business Behind Seiyu Radio.

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Seiyu Radio Program Performs In Budoukan, Dream Stage for Every Japanese Artist!! The Popularity and Business Behind Seiyu Radio.

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Have you ever heard a radio by seiyu, voice actor or actress? As anime created a big hit in Japan, voice actors creating the character are now in the spotlight that their talk are worth hearing it, or in fact pleasure hearing it. The operating profit from their popularity might be the same level as other J-Pop artists or idols, because many radio programs hold a talk event or concerts in a big stage. Why and how did the program and voice actors increased until their popularity, we would like to untie these two mysteries.

【History of Seiyu and Radio】
First of all, the close relationship between seiyu and radio is not a sudden thing, but instead the beginning point for seiyu business. In 1925, NHK opened a radio broadcast station which aired a play only with spoken words by one actor and actress who aren’t professionally voice actor or actress. Many plays only acted out with voice were called “radio drama” and actors were called as “radio actors”, not as “seiyu”. NHK recruited new members to study acting, mainly voice acting, to work as radio actors, and after this project got on the track, the term “seiyu” was born. Before the TV era, seiyu was used to indicate the members of the NHK radio drama troupe and other troupes from other broadcasting station. So, Japanese radio created the term “seiyu” and the concept of seiyu.


Right after TV is brought into Japan, because the stocks of Japanese TV programs were small in number, foreign movies dubbed by Japanese seiyu were aired. Seiyu got popularity evenly, since each actor had representative character or act in a movie. The first seiyu boom occurred from dubbed movies at that time. The second boom took its place in the end of 1970s, when “Space Battleship Yamato” was aired, and anime magazines featuring seiyu as idol-like figure were published. However, as voice actors themselves started to attract people’s attention, their original jobs, like dubbing movies, decreased.

Kamiya Hiroshi (top left) and Mizuki Nana (top right) dubbed two characters from "Hunger Game 2"

Kamiya Hiroshi (top left) and Mizuki Nana (top right) dubbed two characters from “Hunger Game 2”

The third boom is around the end of 1990s, which seiyu became multi talented and turned their jobs just like idols, and events with seiyu talents were born. These events include not only anime, but also radio talk events too. The 4th boom is unclear, but it points out the big number of new seiyu who are seen in late night anime works. Also, voice actors are expanding more into the television world since young and cute actors and actresses are increasing and their exposure demand is gaining.

【Today’s Relationship Between Seiyu and Radio】
Now, radio and seiyu are in indissoluble relationship with many seiyu having their own radio program. Not only they are doing on their own, many popular radio programs have two or three personalities. The influence that voice actors give to the fans are very big, and from the close relationship in the anime world, many talks and actions occur beyond animation companies. The closeness among two or three personalities might be one reason why fujoshi (girls who creates boy and boy couple inside their mind) is increasing its number… lol If one gets interested in one voice actor, it is hard to not like his or her friends which is the start of being “koebuta (声豚)”, deep fan of seiyu calling themselves in self-tormenting way. We will introduce two top radio programs in detail how the impact is huge!

Hiroshi Kamiya・ Daisuke Ono’s Dear Girl ~Stories~ (DGS)


~Two popular voice actors delivering a blessing 30 minute story only for you, “dear girl”~
Radio’s concept is the above that two story tellers Hiroshi Kamiya (voice of Izaya Orihara from Durarara!! series) and Daisuke Ono (voice of Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshituji series) gives a pleasant story to each listener, who are called as “dear girls”. The radio is supported by monthly issue comic “SYLPH” and cellphone cite “Animelo Mix Dear Girl” which both are part of “Dengeki Girl’s Style Project”. Because of the supporters, Kamiya and Ono’s comic based on this radio is published in two versions. They sing the opening and ending theme which are on sale as CD and album now. Once, their casual jokes became reality in which the radio staffs, Kamiya, and Ono created an air band which released a total of one single and album. The music video shooting took part in Taiwan, which is the part of Dear Girl Stories Movie 2. Yes, two movies are created from this program which might be the first-ever radio program creating a movie. The programs’ popularity went to the extent of performing at the Budoukan, where every Japanese artist dream having a live performance there.

Kamiya (right) and Ono (left) at the Taiwan Shooting in the Movie.

Kamiya (right) and Ono (left) at the Taiwan Shooting in the Movie.

The two’s popularity comes from the best balance match: Kamiya as straight man and Ono as funny man. Kamiya tells himself and is known as a modest person that reflects his logical and relish refutation when stopping Ono’s funny and sometimes crazy jokes and action. However, Kamiya sometimes takes Ono’s part and acts foolish. When he is foolish, Ono stops him in a simple way, but Kamiya’s repetitive jokes and innocence-like sayings make Ono carry away and fools together in the end.

Their latest single "Monster's Show", which comes from the image of their second comic "Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hiduki "

Their latest single “Monster’s Show”, which comes from the image of their second comic “Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hiduki “

Even though Kamiya complains Ono as “hentai”, their friendship exudes from the atmosphere surrounding them. First they had less co-acting which was the reason of clumsiness that Ono showed at the first few recordings, but as they pile the meeting time when recording, they got into a good relationship (not in a deep meaning you know…). They now star together in Durarara! series, WORKING! series, Osomatsu-san, and more works!! It is very heartwarming watching events that they both act, since we understand how they are like when they are together. When Ono mistakes something, Kamiya reacts or chuckles at his mistakes.

Both are awarded as Best Personality prize at Seiyu Award, and got the most answer when asking Animate TV users who are the best seiyu couples. They are planning to record another trace of DGS this June at Saitama Super Arena for two-day event “DGS EXPO”. We definitely cannot miss out what unexpected activity they will do next and what will go on at the DGS EXPO!

NozoEri Radio Garden

~”Let’s Have a Fun LoveLive! Time Together” with Eri and Nozomi!~
I can see you guys nodding, because of course! It is the two from our beloved LoveLive!
“NozoEri Radio Garden” is a collaboration of Radio “Animelo MIX” and “LoveLive! Project” to cheer the LoveLive! project through Yoshino Nanjo (Eri Ayase) and Aina Kusuda’s (Nozomi Tojo) radio talk. It started from the beginning of 2014 and ended in the middle of 2015. The opening theme was “MUSIC S.T.A.R.T!!” and ending was “Garasu no Hanazono”, a duet song of Eri and Nozomi. When this song was performed at the LoveLive! concert, two created a mysterious and dangerous love like atmosphere to express their friendship is close like a love relationship. At the final recording, both were talking in tears unwilling to part from the Radio Garden.

There are many other couplings that are seen in anime works or radio programs. Look out for your favorite voice or character and find out who it is! They might have a radio program with a buddy or intimate working pal. If you understand the heartwarming feeling watching and listening their communication, you are proudly took a step becoming a koebuta!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Homepage:

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