SHOKU-ERO HOTNESS!! Six Hot Girls Challenging Their Pride By Draining Down Karaou Soup.

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SHOKU-ERO HOTNESS!! Six Hot Girls Challenging Their Pride By Draining Down Karaou Soup.

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Pokka Sapporo made total of five movies available on “Karasa ni ‘Moe’ro! Kara Moe Douga” Campaign Site which six girls in each profession; gravure idol, voice actress, idol, actress, and cosplayer, challenge the order by Karaou, unveiled king of the extremely spicy world. Each order challenge their profession by drinking the hot spicy soup, “Karaou”, in front of the video camera.



1. Anna Konnno, Gravure Idol


Several cameras surrounding Annna will catch her sweat every moment while drinking Karaou. Don’t miss her last blushed and ashamed attitude at the last part!!

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2. Yuu Serizawa, Voice Actress

Yuu bursts out her voice actress spirit acting out three kami (sacred) situations; younger sister, younger school girl, and maid. She acts out a sexy maid for her first time!!


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3. Yuu Kikkawa and Minami Sengoku from UP UP GIRLS(KARI), Idols


Yuu and Minami tries out Japanese traditional comedy performance, “Helping Hands”. Minami goes inside Yuu’s sweater and comments on what is going inside Yuu’s sweater!? From the hotness, Yuu begs to get her unclothed!

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4. Rena Takeda, Actress

Rena, who is known as pure and innocent actress, moans with hotness that the viewers can watch her distorted expression as she sips Karaou.


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5. Nekomu Otogi, Cosplayer


Nekomu gets captured by several cosplay camera men after gulping down the last single drop of Karaou. This might be her first sweaty shooting event of all time!!

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Kara Moe Douga Campaign Site:

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