“Everyone! Don’t Cry!” SKE48 Bids Farewell to Sae Miyazawa at Her Graduation Concert

“Everyone! Don’t Cry!” SKE48 Bids Farewell to Sae Miyazawa at Her Graduation Concert

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Fans gathered in Nagoya’s Gaishi Hall on March 3rd and 4th for SKE48’s spring concerts, which also marked the final concerts of Sae Miyazawa’s 10 year 48 group career.

The concerts’ title, “Minna! Nakunjaneezo!” (“Everyone! Don’t cry!”) promised audiences an upbeat send-off for Sae to match her engergetic image. Day One of the concert delivered, with a high energy setlist characteristic of SKE48.

Medleys of popular singles were mixed with first performances of songs off SKE’s upcoming 19th single, Chicken LINE. (Watch the MVs from Chicken LINE here!) The setlist also featured several unit songs, including super cute Juriken (Jurina Matsui’s adorable dog alter-ego) on the run from her friends Akane Takayanagi the chicken and Miki Yakata the cat in Koutei no Koinu, and an extremely over-the-top Scandalous ni Ikou performed by comedy duo Sae Miyazawa and Kaori Matsumura. There was also a small portion dedicated to Yukari Yamashita who will also leave the group this March, concluding with her version of the solo song “Mushi no Ballad,” lit by a wash of blue penlights in the audience.


The second day of the concert began Sae’s graduation celebration. The SKE48 overture concluded, and Sae appeared on stage as a slow piano version of “Kiseki wa Ma ni Awanai” filled the hall. Sae’s original unit song made it to #1 in this year’s Request Hour Set List Best 100 concerts, and was arranged into a fittingly moving solo as a tribute to her graduation. As the chorus began, the other members took the stage and the song returned to its usual upbeat tempo kicking the concert off with a flash of electric energy.


After a burst of popular SKE singles like “Gomen ne, Summer” and “Banzai Venus,” the concert began the portion celebrating Sae’s 10 years in the 48 groups. As an intro familiar to the fans of the now-disbanded unit DIVA began to play, the stage rotated for a revival of the unit’s first single “Lost the Way,” centered by Sae and backed up by other SKE members. The Sae celebration continued with “Kimi wa Pegasus” (from Team K’s third stage), “Ashita wa Ashita no Kimi ga Umareru” (from the unit Chocolove), and “Hajimete no Jellybeans” (from Himawari-gumi’s second stage.)

Next, SKE48’s Ryoha Kitagawa (a good friend and devoted admirer of Sae’s) took the stage in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit, closely followed by a handsome wolf by the name of Sae Miyazawa. Amid a short and sweet skit, the two performed SKE’s “Ookami to Pride.”


As Little Red and the Wolf parted ways, Ryoha disappeared into a red tunnel that had appeared on stage, and Jurina Matsui emerged. Sae took the stage again to join Jurina in the cool duet, “TWO ROSES.” Finally, other members returned to the stage for a performance of the sweet song “Tenohira,” with Sae at center performing the lyrics translated into Japanese Sign Language. Sae revealed in the following MC that she had wanted to learn sign language since she was young, and when pressed by other members if she had shed a few tears, she insisted, “I’m not crying, I have a special button in my costume that when you press it, tears come out.”

…See more pictures and read more about emotional farewell story to Sae...!

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