1 Model, 24 Photographers : Depicting a Person’s Life in 24 Different Ways at “24 Nin Ten”

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1 Model, 24 Photographers : Depicting a Person’s Life in 24 Different Ways at “24 Nin Ten”

“24 Nin Ten”, an exhibition featuring photos of 1 model taken by 24 different photographers, has started at Design Festa Gallery Harajuku in May 1, 2017. The exhibition is hosted by photographer Kazan Yamamoto.


The model of the photos is Tsunamayo, whom we have featured before on Tokyo Girls’ Update.

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Kazan Yamamoto has received attention around the world with his photo exhibition “Numenama-ten”, featuring octopus and woman.

The Glistening Combination of Octopus and Woman! Slipping in to Numenama-ten!

We took a step into the “24 Different Tsunamayo Exhibition” and heard interesting stories from photographer Kazan Yamamoto and model Tsunamayo.

– Could you tell me more about “24 Nin Ten”?

Kazan Yamamoto (Yamamoto, hereafter) : It’s a photo exhibition featuring photos of 1 model taken by 24 different photographers. It started in 2011 and this is the 6th time. Setting the theme of the photos as “woman”, 24 different photographers take photos of Tsunamayo in their styles. Only one photo per photographer is allowed, and no one can see photos of other people took until the very beginning of the exhibition’s opening. Everyone’s individuality stands out more in that situation.


– Why did you choose Tsunamayo as a model this time?

Yamamoto : Honestly, I wasn’t planning to do this kind of project anymore, as plenty of those exist recently. However, I was overwhelmed by Tsunamayo’s enthusiasm and decided to do it again after a 3 year absence.

– Why did you want to do “24 Nin Ten”?

Tsunamayo : I’ve heard of the exhibition and wanted to challenge myself to take place the exhibition before I die, so I desperately approached and persuade Kazan-san. I also love that the title of the exhibition comes from non-fiction novel “24 different Billy Milligan” (English title : The Minds of Billy Milligan).

– How did you choose 24 photographers?

Tsunamayo : These 24 photographers are all my favorite people, from professional photographer to classmate from high school. I think photography is about the desire of leaving behind something. Technique is not everything. But, I accidentally miscalculated the numbers of photographers, and it ended up that the host Kazan-san could not take a photo (laugh).


Yamamoto : The 24 photos were consisted of professional photographers’ works before, but this time it includes photographers who don’t know how to use a camera. From high quality photos by pro to heartwarming photos by old friends, the variety of the photos is quite wide. I believe the 24 Nin Ten has proceeded to higher step by that.


This photo was taken by a classmate from high school, at the place to be remembered by both of them. Only an old friend could make Tsunamayo smile like this.

-How was it seeing the exhibition take shape?

Tsunamayo : I’m happy that a lot of people have visited here and feel like I’m supported by them. There was a visitor who came all the way from South Korea. Being photographed by 24 people was tough than I expected, almost felt like it was 70 people. However I tried my best imagining everyone become happy when all the works got completed.


– Do you have any advice of how to enjoy “24 Nin Ten” for visitors?

Tsunamayo : I would like you to look at the works by 24 people I love. I will remember this photos before I die, I can show the photos to anyone, and and it is a proof of myself living with self-affirmation…this exhibition is like an epitome of my life.

Yamamoto : Each photo has a description, so please enjoy imagining the relationship between Tsunamayo and photographers, not just looking at the works. Some photographers will be at the gallery along with Tsunamayo, so feel free to talk to them.


She is SAKU who created this work. She settled an impressive installation art.

Some photographers will be at the gallery depending on the time. You can talk to them about the works if they are there!

The exhibition is running until May 7, 2017. How about visiting 24 different Tsunamayo during the Golden Week 2017?

“24 Different Tsunamayo Exhibition” / 24人のツナマヨ展
Website :

Venue: Design Festa Gallery Harajuku EAST101
Address: Jingu-mae 3-20-2, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Admission fee: 500yen (includes a special post card)
Period : May 1 ~ May 7, 2017
Hours :
May 1 : 17:00〜20:00
May 2 ~ 6 : 11:00〜20:00
May 7 : 11:00〜17:00
*Tsunamayo will be at the gallery all the days
*Tsunamayo will appear with one of the outfits from the photos

Chihaya Aoki/蒼騎 ちはや
Yosuke Inoue/井上 陽介
Toshikazu Ozawa/小澤 トシカズ
Yuji Ono/小野 雄司
Chikashi Kasai/笠井 爾示
Yusuke Kanke/菅家 優介
Oyaji Kimura/木村 オヤジ
Toru Tanno/丹野 徹
Koichi Nakamura/中島 洸一
Hajime Kinoko/一鬼のこ.
Uki Mizusaki/水崎 うき
Koji Wakabayashi/若林 浩志

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