One Year Later: Kamiyado Returns to the West For Sold Out Osaka Live!
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Kamiyado celebrated another sold out performance and the 17th birthday of member Mika Ichinose (April 12) as their Kami ga Yadoru Basho〜Daremo Mita koto no nai Basho he Tobitatō!〜 Kamiyado Spring 2017 Tour stopped off in Osaka at Umeda Shangri-la on April 16, 2017!

With birthday girl Mika selecting the set list for the day, Kamiyado kicked off the festivities with a series of the group’s uptempo tunes “KMYD”, “Action!”, “Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger”, and “Hajimari no Kane wo Narase”. Following up with “Odore! Kamiyado Carnival”, “Bokura wa Ai wo Shinjiteru”, “Hissatsu! Chō-KAMIYADO Senpū”, and “Kamchatka Adventure”, Mika explained that she had tried to spell out Osaka by picking out characters from each of the song’s titles. While it was not immediately obvious, it was not such a surprising thing for a young woman obsessed with puns to be mildly amused by.

The second half of the live was a mixed bag of Kamiyado’s hot and cool material bouncing from the delicate “Ano ko ni Bareru yōna…” to the forceful “Genkai Toppa Philosophy” which gave way to the flirtatious “Bi・Bi・Bi♡” and breezy “Summer Dream”, and concluding with the emotional “Mirai no Uta”.

As Mei Hashima asked Mika for her thoughts on putting together the set list, the lights in the venue went out, replaced by the glow of red cyalumes as the members and kakifu (舁夫, Kamiyado term for fans) presented their birthday surprise. Mika commented, “I have been an idol since I was 14 but I hope that I don’t forget that heart of a 14-year old as I face my 17th year”.


For the encore, Kamiyado performed “Zenkai! KAMIYADO World”, their 4th single and first song where Mika was the center member, highlighting her position of the day’s leading character.


Having stopped in Osaka on the same day a year earlier for their first Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka tour, Kamiyado’s return to the west saw them filling a venue several times larger and showing a more polished and matured performance. As the days tick down to their sold out tour finale at Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo on April 30th, Kamiyado have opened a special site featuring interviews and other special contents to commemorate their accomplishments. Check it out!

Photos by Yasuhiro Okada

Set List

02 Action!
03 Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger
04 Hajimari no Kane wo Narase
05 Odore! Kamiyado Carnival
06 Bokura wa Ai wo Shinjiteru
07 Hissatsu! Chō-KAMIYADO Senpū
08 Kamchatka Adventure
09 Ano ko ni Bareru yōna…
10 Genkai Toppa Philosophy
11 Bi・Bi・Bi♡
12 Summer Dream
13 Mirai no Uta

E1 Zenkai! KAMIYADO World

Kami ga Yadoru Basho〜Daremo Mita koto no nai Basho he Tobitatō!〜 Kamiyado Spring 2017 Tour

April 30, 2017 (Sunday)
Shinagawa Stellar Ball
Open – 5:00pm Start – 6:00pm

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