Exclusive Interview With KAMIYADO From the Set of Their 1st MV “Zenkai! KAMIYADO World”!

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Exclusive Interview With KAMIYADO From the Set of Their 1st MV “Zenkai! KAMIYADO World”!

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Harajuku indies idol group KAMIYADO has just released their first MV for “Zenkai! KAMIYADO World” (release date: June 27)! It was filmed “on a certain day in May” and it was on that day that I was able to interview the members of KAMIYADO and the director Hirofumi Ohashi.

KAMIYADO was formed in September of 2014 and has been rapidly getting attention in the underground idol scene. Their introduction can be seen at the following link: The five members experienced their first MV shoot in May of 2015.

KAMIYADO’s focus up until now has mainly been live performances. In a month, they have an average of 10-20 lives, mostly on weekends and sometimes even on weekdays. Their lives are often organized by a group and have many other groups performing at the same venue (tai-ban) where they are on stage for about 20-30 minutes. After the performance, they have a photo shoot gathering for the fans. Some of their lives are uploaded on Youtube but, there has not been any indication that they would release a CD or online music files.

However, KAMIYADO announced the release of “Zenkai! KAMIYADO World” through leading Japanese karaoke company, JOYSOUND and because the karaoke will be played with a background music video, they were able to have this MV made. The director is Hirofumi Oohashi, who created “beef stroganoff” and “Higehigehi Ponpon” for NHK’s children’s music TV program “Minnna no Uta” and is a director of video and animation for several other TV programs.

Starting from early in the morning, I want to say that the video shooting went smoothly but, it did not go that way. Even they set aside extra time to compensate for any trouble due to it being the first time for KAMIYADO to shoot a video, it ran way over time and there was not have enough time to film in front of the 3 different backgrounds (black screen, white screen, and green screen) because KAMIYADO had a live to perform that afternoon. They had to leave things unfinished and resume the filming on another day.

kamiyado-first-mv-filming-20 kamiyado-first-mv-filming-19 kamiyado-first-mv-filming-15 kamiyado-first-mv-filming-17 kamiyado-first-mv-filming-11

The music video”Zenkai! KAMIYADO World” that resulted from all that chaos can be seen below. Not only are the members just dancing but, there are elements from the worlds of anime, gaming, manga, and other Japanese pop culture that have been packed into this work.

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Oohashi Director/オオハシ監督
-What was it like working with the members of KAMIYADO?

“Every member is different in their own way, and you can see their strengths and weaknesses but, more than that, when those five members are together, the way that they shine like no one else so, I was really encouraged by that. They were just cheerful all the time.”

-What is the highlight of the video?

“Because this is their first experience making a MV and recording a song, and not much time has passed since they became a group, I want people to pay attention to their fresh facial expression and performance. Their live performances are captivating but, the video includes the first scenes of them performing in the context of a music video, so I want the viewers to focus on the how hard they are trying their best. The illustrations and animations are meant to build upon the image of the music so, please pay attention to that as well.”

Mika Ichinose (Red)/ 一ノ瀬みか(赤)
“Because it was my first time, all I was doing was being really excited but, thanks to the staff who supported us warmly, I feel like we were really able to grow from this experience. I think the music video will turn out to be something really great!”



Mei Hajima (Blue)/羽島めい(青)
“Our first music video shoot!! It was so much fun! It’s something I head always dreamed of so I was really happy! The director, the cameraman, the makeup artist…there were so many unique people on set that I couldn’t stop smiling. I can’t wait to show it to “Kakifu”(how they call their fans).”



Miki Hajima (Yellow)/ 羽島みき(黄)
“I was very nervous about my first music video shoot but, it was really fun! I still can’t believe that we were able to make a KAMIYADO music video. I want more people to know about Kamiyado so, I’ll try even harder to leap into a wider world from now on!”


Naho Sekiguchi (Green)/ 関口なほ(緑)
“Finishing the shooting, I have a strong feeling of having fun with it! At first, I kept thinking, “How will it turn out?” It was pretty bad! (LOL) The makeup and hair arrange was different than usual so, I hope people can see a different Nappi throughout the video. The shooting was so much fun! Yeah!”


Hina Koyama (Pink)/小山ひな(ピンク)
“Our first music video!! I was so ridiculously nervous. I was so frightened at being in front of the camera that I couldn’t smile. I made myself try to look beyond the camera and find where our fans are standing so I could be more natural. (LOL) I want to see the completed version as soon as possible!”
「初めてのMV撮影!!とんでもなく緊張しました。カメラが前にあるとびっくりするほど笑えませんでした。だからいつもみたいにカメラの向こうには舁夫さんがいるんだって気持ちでがんばりましたよ。笑  出来上がりが待ち遠しいなぁ」


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KAMIYADO Official Site :
KAMIYADO Twitter :

Photo by Yasuhiro Okada

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