How about Watching an Idol Group to Grow Over Time? -The First Coverage of “KAMIYADO”

運営はなんと21歳の大学生!? アイドルシーンで注目を集める”神宿”って?
How about Watching an Idol Group to Grow Over Time?  -The First Coverage of “KAMIYADO”

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Do you know the idol group KAMIYADO? The Kanji is written as the lodging, or yado (宿), where God (神) is. They’re a group that formed last September who are gaining popularity in the indies idol scene.
あなたは「神宿」というアイドルグループをご存知だろうか? 神が宿る場所と書いて「神宿」。 昨年9月に結成され、いまインディーズのアイドルシーンで人気急上昇中のグループだ。

On March 28, they celebrated their 6th month anniversary since their live debut at LIQUIDROOM in Ebisu. On this day, LIQUIDROOM held Live Idol Tokyo 2015 Sponsored by ITOEN. This three idol groups that were able to stand on this event’s stage were the top three of 20 chosen by voters from a campaign that began in December of last year. KAMIYADO was one of the chosen groups, along with IDOL COLLEGE and Omiya IDOLL.
3月28日、神宿はデビューライブから半年の記念日を恵比寿のリキッドルームで迎えた。この日、リキッドルームでは伊藤園が主催するライブイベント「Live Idol Tokyo2015」が開催されていた。このライブは、昨年12月から行われていたキャンペーンで、20組のアイドルが投票で順位を競い、その上位3組が、この日のステージに立てるというもの。神宿はアイドルカレッジ、大宮 IDOLLとともに見事その上位3組に選ばれた。

Sunmyu〜, GEM, and palet – three major idols – made a guest appearance, making this a memorable anniversary for KAMIYADO, as well as a great opportunity to introduce themselves to new fans. After the show, the line for KAMIYADO’s meet and greet seemed to have never ended. It seemed like there were fans who originally went to see other groups whose hearts were captured by KAMIYADO.

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Yasuhiro Okada
Yasuhiro Okada

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