Gravure Idol Jun Amaki Has Finally Tried on Backless Virgin-Slayer Sweater

Screenshot fromjun amaki Instagram

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Jun Amaki, the gravure idol with the “2-dimensional body”, posted several photos and a video of her wearing “The Virgin-Slayer Sweater” on her Instagram and Twitter. This…cannot be real.

. OOを殺すセーター #例のセーター #例のニット #天木じゅん #グラビア

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Why this sweater is called as “Virgin-slayer”? Learn more about it here. Basically it is because it overpowers the inexperienced with its sexiness.

The design concept has become a viral talking point on Japanese Twitter, inspiring original fan art, fan art on existing characters, and comparisons to outfits featured in popular anime and manga, and “2-dimensional body” grauvure idol Jun Amaki wear it…literally she really likes look a 2-dimensional character.

. . OOを殺すセーター . #例のセーター #例のニット #天木じゅん #グラビア

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.. OOを殺すセーター #例のニット #例のセーター #天木じゅん

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. . 例のセーター OOを殺すセーター . #例のセーター #例のニット #天木じゅん

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. good mornig💗💗 . #例のセーター #天木じゅん #例のニット

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I hope no virgin die with this breathtaking photos.

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