Juice=Juice Celebrate “Juice=Juice Day 2017” With Special Live at Zepp Divercity!

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Juice=Juice Celebrate “Juice=Juice Day 2017” With Special Live at Zepp Divercity!

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Juice=Juice LIVE AROUND 2017 ~World Tour→J=J Day Special~ was held at Zepp Divercity Tokyo on October 10, 2017.


Juice=Juice has had turbulent days recently. Nanami Yanagawa and Ruru Danbara were announced to be joining the group on June 26, 2016, causing much confusion among fans at the time. Nevertheless, the additions of Yanagawa who inherited “Momochi-ism” and Danbara who won the best performance award at Kenshusei Happyoukai twice brought great expectations that the group would leap forward.

Despite mixed feelings, the fans gathered at Osaka Orix Theater to confirm the possibilities of the group with the two new members. As a result, they were left stunned by the overwhelming performance of the new track “Fiesta! Fiesta!” which drove any lingering doubts. However, Karin Miyamoto was soon after placed on hiatus due to functional dysphonia. Although she came back as quick as a blink, the group set off on their world tour soon after her recovery. As such, Juice=Juice had been hidden away from many of their fans in Japan.

At long last, the time came. About 2,000 fans gathered at Zepp Divercity Tokyo to celebrate “Juice=Juice Day” (October 10). Wearing gorgeous silver sequined dresses, the members appeared on the stage with a strong dance track. The performances of Yanagawa and Danbara did not look like that of newcomers but, as if they had become members of Juice=Juice in the truest sense of the word.


Followed by the dance track, Juice=Juice rushed into a trio of songs:”Fiesta! Fiesta!” by which the audience was shocked at Summer Hello! Project concert,”Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS” with Latin rhythm, and “Datejaniyo Uchi no Jinsei wa” which had become more powerful with the growth of Miyazaki and Akari Uemura as singers. The clear but strong singing voice of Miyamaoto rang through the concert hall, which brought comfort and relief to the audience.


After the intense performance by way of compliment, Juice=Juice changed the mood to cute. The audience shouted with joy when Miyamoto said “Je t’aime bien” for the last line of “Ça va? Ça va?”. The members changed costumes during “Tick Tack Watashi no Shun” and rushed right into “Jidanda Dance”. The atmosphere became festive as the members and audience danced comically and fearlessly together.

The members looked back at the world tour seeing photos from their overseas performances. The members shared an episode where a French woman told them that they were showing off their legs too much, causing the fans to cheer and Takagi jokingly calling them “perverts”. The atmosphere in the venue was relaxed and playful.


In order to quiet any remaining dirty fans, Juice=Juice rushed to intensify the performance. Yanagawa proved how she has grown up in a short time during “Watashi ga Iumae ni Dakishimenakyane”. Although she had shared how she felt her way of singing was terrible during a recording of “Fiesta! Fiesta!”, any doubts were put to rest as she confidently sang along with the other members. Her possibilities as an idol is still unknown, so fans might have high expectations from Yagawa and her future.


To answer the encore by the audience, the members appeared in flower-print dresses with frilly skirts in their member colors. They performed “Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimeteyo” and “Magic of Love (J=J 2015ver)”. The audience was surprised with the announcement that the group will hold a South America tour. Singing “Wonderful World (English Ver)” and “Mirai he, Saa Hashiridase”, “Juice=Juice Day” drew to a close.


The rapid improvement of Juice=Juice in the short time since the reformation of the group was surprising. However, it was also true that they performed better as the 5 members who experienced 220 concerts in 2 years. It is not a dream that they aim to become the idol group with the best performance among others with the growth of Yanagawa and Danbara, and combination of 7 members. As one of the checkpoints, they will be returning to the Nippon Budokan for another solo concert in November of 2017. Based on their performance at Zepp Divercity, expectations are high for what Juice=Juice will reveal on that day.


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