Japanese Most Long-Lived Idol Groups To Go To See You In Europe

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Japanese Most Long-Lived Idol Groups To Go To See You In Europe

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Over two hundred thousand J-culture likers will go crazy for this entire week in Paris.
Japan Expo”, the biggest Japanese culture festival in Europe, will start tomorrow to Sunday.

The mega-fes is now celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, increasing its volume and festival period. It is too big to cover, even if I speak only musicians, more than 30 groups will be set to perform. Under such enthusiasm, Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute have been invited together as a Guest of Honor of Japan Expo 2014. When you visit Japan Expo Official site, they grace the top page with titans of many fields. ( Why? And Who are they?

Berryz Kobo is an idol group belongs to Hello! Project leads by Producer Tsunku♂. The group was formed a decade ago, in 2004, out of the finalists of the Hello! Project Kids Audition 2002 (gathered 27,958 applicants).

“Happiness! ~Koufuku Kangei~” (2004)

The biggest draw of the group is a diversity. Dance of Saki Shimizu has received high reputation by not only fans, but also many younger idols. Momoko Tugunaga aka Momochi has been very popular on Japanese TV, known and loved by men and women of all ages. Miyabi Natsuyaki has been Aphrodite/ Venus of the group.

Speaking of God, Chinami Tokunaga is a goddess of vigor, her smile has caught many wota’s hearts. Maasa Sudo is a goddess who loves MANGA, anime. Yurina Kumai, who has a slim and tall look calls herself a “sky tree” of Berryz, Risako Sugaya has “a-girl-of-girls-personality” while showing a quite masculine performance once she stands on stage. When all the charms meet, “Party-like-a-zoo-performance” is given.

“Love is Always inside you” (2014)


°C-ute was born a year after Berryz. Members were selected out of the finalists of the same audition with Berryz. Beautiful leader Maimi Yajima leads Saki Nakajima, Airi Suzuki, Chisato Okai, and Mai Hagiwara.

“FOREVER LOVE” (Black Dance Ver.) (2009)

In contrast to Berryz Kobo, °C-ute features harmony of a group, dance, and so on. Although three members “graduated” the group towards each dream, °C-ute grew their unity by the moments. Today, the producer Tsunku♂ describes in his blog, that they are a No.1 performance group in Hello! Project.

But, that doesn’t mean they have less personality, you’ll be amazed how rich their characters are as you get to know them.

“Ai tte Motto Zanshin (Love is more innovative) (MV) (2013)

On June 30th, 2002, very young kids survived the audition.

One group became Berryz Kobo, the other became °C-ute, and they’ve walked separately.

Today, it is told that there’s more than 1,000 idol groups in Japan. But no groups have been active, and cheered by fans for 12 years with no new members join. There may be early days fans who cheer Berryz and °C-ute (often called “Berikyu” together) with their children. This is a side story, but, MorningMusume.’14 member, Haruna Iikubo and Haruka Kudou revealed on blogs and radio, etc. that their parents are still young and they were used to listen to MM songs in their youth. Like the movie series “STAR WARS”, fans raise up their children as a fan naturally.

Because of such cross-generational-phenomenon, it is almost possible to say “Berikyu” is a “culture.” That makes Berikyu very special compared with any idols. And no wonder Japan Expo is showing respect for them.

First Single as Berikyu- “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku” (MV) (2011)

In the past twelve years, “Berikyu-” held a joint concert only twice (2008, 2011). Although Miyabi Natsuyaki and Momoko Tsugunaga have been to France as Buono! in 2012, never been held a concert as Berryz Kobo. Of course, as “Berikyu-“, this is the first joint concert ever abroad!!


Berryz Kobo×°C-ute “Chou (Super) Happy Song” (Live)

You should have a fun to listen to Berrz and °C-ute version separately on this site. (


Berryz Kobo and °C-ute have captivated and increased fans not only internationally, but also across various generations. Now you can say Berikyu- is a universal thing. In addition to the memorial and super-fun concert coming this Thursday, they’ll have a lot of opportunities to talk with you through signing sessions, conference, and handshake event. Let’s get the universal party started with Berikyu-!!

Japan Expo 15th Impact
From Wednesday to Saturday, July 2-6, 2014
Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

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written by Yuji Hara

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