Some Groups You Should Check Out From @JAM EXPO 2014!

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Some Groups You Should Check Out From @JAM EXPO 2014!

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One of the strengths of an event like @JAM EXPO is that with so many groups and stages located so close to each other; it is easy to get into a group you may have never seen before. The pictures and profiles on the events website can only do so much to get you interested enough to look for more information, particularly if you already have a “plan of attack” based on the groups that you already know that you like. Even if you’re going to an event just to see one or two groups, it is almost inevitable that you will happen upon another one that catches your eye. Even with my timetable being covered with highlighter marks based on the dozens of groups I wanted to see, as soon as I started walking around Yokohama Arena, the choices became even more complicated.


hanarichu is a “flower gardening idol” unit and despite their sound and image being polar opposites of FRUITPOCHETTE, who was performing right after them on the Peach Stage, with songs like “Saita! hanarichu~”, it’s possible that they will plant a seed of interest in your heart as well.


Decked out in matching Ghostbusters jumpsuits and with Shiori Azuma sporting a new short haircut, the duo known as FRUITPOCHETTE kept the hammer down and fired up the fans at the Peach Stage. With the audience chanting along to “Bogyaku – PARASITE” and jumping up and down non-stop, it felt more like a punk rock show than an idol festival, if only for a few short minutes. If you like Hime Kyun Fruit Can, you need to check out their sister group FRUITPOCHETTE!

Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen

Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen took over the Peach Stage where FRUITPOCHETTE left off, showing us a glimpse of what may promise to be a similar wave of exciting idols to come from Yamaguchi Prefecture. With their last two songs “IDREAM” and “Ignition” it seems that they might be shifting towards a harder, more rock-oriented sound. Don’t miss them when they come back to Tokyo for the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Festival in September 28!


drop is a group formed by “Twin-Tail Association Japan” and with the addition of new member Haruka Oba, it looks like they are poised to bring us even more idol alchemy in the future. While their first two songs “Nanimo Iranai” and “Toumei na Juu” were a little repetitive, their new song “Iroha ni Hoheto de Vampire” is just the thing to get you in the mood for Halloween!


Performing in their outfits from their upcoming single “Domestic Natsu Girl”, CAMOUFLAGE was unique in that they were the only group with live instruments thanks to their guitarist Shoko Takasaki who dazzled those gathered at the Grape Stage with her two-handed tapping skills and crunchy riffs. One of the fans came pretty close to hitting the low ceiling after being lifted too high during their final song “Kataomoi WARS”. Azusa Shiina and Moe Yamashita were later seen casually talking with fans in the crowd before’s performance at the Strawberry Stage.

Written by Okkun

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