See and Be Seen! Idols Who Look Good in Glasses

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See and Be Seen! Idols Who Look Good in Glasses

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There’s that old saying “eyes are the windows to the soul” so then, glasses must be the frames of those windows.

Glasses help us see better and protect our eyes, but recently they’ve become a vital fashion accessory. This is great for those who have to wear glasses to correct their vision because that means there are more options available. Here are a few idols that we think make glasses look really good.

Kanna Hashimoto – Rev. From DVL

img_Kanna_Hashimoto_glassesThe Hakata idol said to be a “once in a thousand years talent”; Rev. From DVL’s Kanna Hashimoto made a huge splash on the Internet when pictures of her performing with the group appeared in 2013. Here she is with purple-framed glasses and an Arale-chan (Dr. Slump) hat while promoting glasses maker ALOOK.


img_AKB48_glassesAKB48 won a “Megane Best Dresser” prize (yes there is such a thing in Japan) in 2011. Whether it was Mariko Shinoda playing the ill-tempered fake news reporter on AKBingo!, Atsuko Maeda turning into an unstoppable fighting machine once she took off her glasses in Majisuka Gakuen, or Minami Minegishi at the 52nd Japan Record Awards in 2010, AKB48 has consistently given fans a variety of looks to enjoy. They even released a book “Twenty-Four Hours” which was nothing but pictures of some of the members wearing glasses! Here is one of the pages from the book.

We continue our list with three idols known for wearing their glasses almost all the time. It could be said that Ami Tokito was responsible for making the “mega-dol” (megane + idol) genre more popular.

Ami Tokito

img_Ami_Tokito_glassesNo list of idols that look good in glasses would be complete without Ami Tokito. Getting her start as a gravure model, Tokito sang the theme song for the anime School Rumble – Second Term (“Sentimental Generation”) as well as releasing several singles produced by Tsunku and was a member of the gyaru unit Gyaruru alongside competitive eater Gal Sone and Asami Abe (younger sister of Morning Musume’s Natsumi Abe). She even appeared on the obstacle course competition show “Women of Ninja Warrior” (known as Kunoichi in Japan) alongside Makoto Ogawa (Dream Morning Musume) and Erika Yazawa (former Idoling!!!). Here’s a picture she posted to her personal Instagram account earlier this year.

Rose Gardenfairy – Afilia Saga

img_Rose_Gardenfairy_Afilia_glassesThis former member of Afilia Saga was one of the group’s most distinctive members with her red-framed glasses. Particularly adept at cosplay, Rose proved that she could also be a handsome young man as her alter ego Ray S. Lambert when working at the Roppongi branch of the Afilia café. It was a sad day for many fans when Rose Gardenfairy announced her graduation from the magical schoolgirl group in 2011.

Rihona Kato – TOKYO TORiTSU Kore de Iinkai

img_Rihona_Kato_glassesMember of iDOL Street trainee group TOKYO TORiTSU Kore de Iinkai, Rihona Kato includes her trademark red-framed glasses in her self-introduction: “With bright red glasses I’ll make your heart skip a beat. I want to stare at you through my glasses!” (Makka na megane de meromero kyun. Megane goshi ni anata wo mitsumetai!). With Riho-nyan (her nickname) starring in the latest Puccho commercials, it seems like we will be a seeing a lot more of her and her red glasses from now on! Here she is staring at a lucky fan as she performs.

Hopefully we were able to show you that glasses don’t have to be uncool or nerdy and they can look really fashionable and cute too. Check out some of the other pictures below!

Moga Mogami




Sora Nomoto – Fairies


Rena Matsui – SKE48/Nogizaka46




Sakura Miyawaki – HKT48/AKB48


Haruka Kodama – HKT48/AKB48


Ayaka Sasaki – Momoiro Clover Z


Saki Nakajima -℃-ute


Hope you have found favorite megane girls!

 Written by Okkun

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