Idol Renaissance Begin The Yet Unknown Story of Their First Tour at Shinjuku BLAZE

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Idol Renaissance Begin The Yet Unknown Story of Their First Tour at Shinjuku BLAZE

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The gloomy rainy season came to end and Japan finally welcomed bright summer at the end of July as Idol Renaissance kicked off their 1st concert tour “Kimi no Machi made TazuneRenaissance!!” at Shinjuku BLAZE on July 30th. Fans were packed wall to wall to celebrate the group’s new journey into the future with two new members, Suzuka Harada and Nomoto Yumeka.

Appearing in their pure-white costumes, Riko Ishino shouted “one two, one two three!” and they opened the show with “Travelers’ High” and “Kimi no Machi made”. These songs really set the mood for the opening day since they are about going around to the towns where you live (Kimi no Machi in Japanese) in the tour.

During the first MC, the members introduced themselves and confessed being nervous about their first tour. Yet, they asked the audience to enjoy their performance including the wide range of songs. The three songs following were “Music Lovers”, ”Time Travel”, and ”PTA ~Hikari no Network~” and all of them certainly made the audience realize that their dance skill was at a high level. From formation dance to robot dance, their every single move was sophisticated but powerful.

Holding up fists and shouting out the lyrics to “Miracle wo Kimi to Okoshitaindesu”, the audience heated up. Their singing voices leaped and shone brightly with the following songs “Anoko Boku ga Long Shoot wo Kimetara Donna Kao Surudarou”. Here they performed old songs to relatively new ones, which brought out nostalgic feelings and new discoveries of material they may have not heard before.

Slowing down the pace with ”Hatsukoi”, ”Onnanoko wa Nakanai”, and ”Natsu ga Kita!”, the members seemed cast a glamour over the audience. They are quite young, aged 13 to 17 years old but they became able to produce an adult atmosphere as a way of expression. The older they get, the deeper their expression would be, which cannot be overlooked.

With the members closing out with up-tempo tunes like “Yoake no BEAT” and “Silhouette”, the concert reached the highest point of the day. During the MC, they promised not to waste opportunities to hold concerts but to grow up with each concert. The main part closed with their latest single “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari”. A week before, their harmony for the song was still in need of work but, it had greatly improved in just a few days since. Perhaps by the completion of the tour, it will become a perfect masterpiece for them.

After a few minutes of encore calls, they appeared again and announced they will be holding a solo concert at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo on November 6th. While the audience got surprised, they concluded the first day of the tour with “Natsu no Kesshin” whose title means “summer declaration” in English. Through this tour, Idol Renaissance will greatly mature and make the audience a wonderful scenery at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, which is their summer declaration!

Set List

01 Travelers’ High
02 Kimi no Machi made
03 Music Lovers
04 Time Travel
05 PTA ~Hikari no Network~
06 Miracle wo Kimi to Okoshitaindesu
07 Koisuru Kankaku
08 Good day Sunshine
09 Anoko Boku ga Long Shoot Kimetara Donnakao Surudarou
10 Hatsukoi
11 Onnanoko wa Nakanai
12 Natsu ga Kita!
13 Soredewa Minasan Yoitabiwo
14 Yoake no BEAT
15 17-sai
16 Taiyo to Shinzo
17 Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
18 Galileo no Showcase
19 Silhouette
20 Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

E1 Natsu no Kesshin

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Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari / Idolrenaissance
Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

Event Information:
Idol Renaissance 4th solo concert “Odaiba de HotobashiRenaissance!!”
Date: November 6, 2016
Place: Zepp DiverCity Tokyo

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