It is not a Surprise!? Executive Producer Comments on the Truth of Idoling!!!’s Break-up

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It is not a Surprise!?  Executive Producer Comments on the Truth of Idoling!!!’s Break-up

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Idol group “Idoling!!!” announced its break-up on the official website of Takashi Kanbara, the executive producer of Idoling!!!.

The comment is the below.
“Idoling!!! has received lots of support by the fans over the nine years until today, and yet we cannot deny the fact of Idoling!!!’s break-up starting from the end of last year.”

Right now, specific date of break-up and the expanding information are under deliberation. It is said that “specific contents are not yet assured, and still has some steps left to officially announce this matter.

Also, in the past, many “dokkiri” (surprises) have been carried out toward Idoling!!! members and fans; however, he strongly and sadly denies that this is not one of them. On March 18th, the 6th album, “Rodeo machine” will be released, and release events are announced in various regions. Other than these, the last stage of Serina Nagano will be expected at “Idoling!!! the 13th member Nagano Serina Graduation Live ~PuniPuni, Bye, and Love You~” is expected on March 28th at the Shibuya Koukai Dou. On April 5th, the fan appreciating event, “Idoling!!! FES 2015” is marked on members’ and fans’ calendar.

Kanbara has summarized that “Still, we have lots of opportunities to communicate openly with the fans, and to appreciate the fans. We ask more supports until the dissolution from the fans to the members, and apologize the way of announcing this kind of matter.”

Idoling!!! is a group created from the TV program “Idoling!!!”, and carries a slogan of “idol who develop in a progressive present form”, which made the members to take action as not just idols, but also as actress, singers, TV talents, and others. One of the famous members is the TV talent Ami Kikuchi.

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