Raving Fans at the “God-Event”! SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, GEM’s Shed Sweat and Tears at Their Annual Sports Competition

Raving Fans at the “God-Event”! SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, GEM’s Shed Sweat and Tears at Their Annual Sports Competition

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iDOL Street, an idol-specialized label, held a sports event at New Pier Hall in Takeshiba, Tokyo on November 11 for SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, and GEM. This exciting event, titled “Fourth Annual iDOL Street Fall Sports Event 2014 ~Idols’ Sweat is too Bright!!~ gathered 500 fans from the official fan club Super Producers Club (S.P.C.).
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Members from SUPER☆GIRLS, Cheeky Parade, and GEM were mixed up and separated into 3 teams: Pink, Blue, and Green. These teams participated in tug-of-war, a ball toss game, musical chairs, a relay race, and five other competitions.

At iDOL Street’s sports events, there is a tradition that happens during musical chairs. It is the “Battle of Women.” Every year, SUPER☆GIRLS’ Rino Katsuta’s determination wins her the competition; but this year, Maaya Takeda, the center from the youngest group GEM, took the win.

When asked for a comment after winning, Maaya Takeda said, “I was able to win because I did four sit ups today!” expressing her natural air-headedness and causing a rupture of laughter throughout the venue.

The final competition–which causes a great amount of excitement every year–was the relay race, which resulted in an intense competition. The youngest member of Cheeky Parade (who performed in New York in October), Mariya Suzuki, led her team to victory when she cut through the gold tape. She ran so vigorously that she even ran an extra lap! There was even a moment when SUPER☆GIRLS’ former leader Saori Yasaka, who also served as an M.C. for the event, was so moved by the members’ dedication that she shed tears.


The winning group of the event was the green team, led by Rino Katsuda from SUPER☆GIRLS. Nana Minamiguchi from GEM (who made their major debut on January 1st and releasing their 3rd single on December 17) won the MVP award. She won for performing a perfect Y-shaped balance and pumping up the venue.

This event allows fans to participate in tug-of-war, hold up the basket during the ball toss, and participate in the other competitions throughout the event. Because fans are able to participate with the idols, iDOL Street fans have begun to call this event a “God- Event.” This year, without disappointment, the event was alive and well.

img-idol-street-sport-meeting-22We are expecting a lot from next year’s iDOL Street Sports Event as well!

Photo by @ishiduu
Translated by Misato

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