Cheer Up: Unique Snacks to Support Students During Hard Times!

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Cheer Up: Unique Snacks to Support Students During Hard Times!

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It’s the season of entrance examination. From junior high school to university, students study very hard through this cold winter to get into the school they want to go. It’s not so fun, but everyone is cheering up for them including snack companies. It’s now an annual event for companies to sell their product with a special design during January to March.


KitKat sounds similar to “Kitto Katsu”, meaning that you will surely win. Because of this, KitKat has been considered as a good charm and students give it to each other. This year, their theme is “Catch a Shooting Star” so that people can wish to the starts from their Website.

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Caramel Corn

During this season, it’s sold as “Canael Corn”, because “Canael (Kanaeru)” means making your dream come true! The package is designed as “Manekineko”, a kitty which brings good fortunes as they welcome luck with their hands. They are setting a shrine on their Website so that people can make a wish. There are heart-shaped corn inside, so if you collect four of them, you can make a clover!

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It’s not a snack but popular caffe latte beverage in Japan. “TOR (touru)” means pass in Japanese, so hoping that students will “pass” their exam, they designed the cup this way.


Everyone’s favorite snack which you can check the cute koalas! Did you know that koalas don’t fall from the tree even if they are sleeping? Because students also do not want to fall or fail from the exam, KOALA’S MARCh became a good charm. The koalas are specially designed for this package to cheer up the students!

Blendy Caffe au Lait

This is another beverage designed for students. It’s called “Kate au lait (ore)” temporarily because it means “Go for it, myself!”.

V Poteco

This year’s flavor is soy sauce mayonnaise because the subtitle is “Shouyu Mayonnaise de Shouri ni Mayowane-zu!”, meaning “with soy sauce mayonnaise, they won’t get lost on their way to the victory”. Another flavor is yuzu koshou (pepper) so that they can say “YUZUrenai KOno SHOUri”. They might have pushed the words to make them sound like it but still it’s very cheerful!

Get these snack as your souvenir to cheer up your friends and families!

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