Idol College March Towards a Bright Future in the MV for “Gamushara Fighter”!

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Idol College March Towards a Bright Future in the MV for “Gamushara Fighter”!

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Idol College step forward boldly in the no cut MV for “Gamushara Fighter” from their new album “idolcollege” (release date: April 20)!

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You might have seen no cut music videos released by other artists/groups, or could have probably done one yourself. As we all know, it’s not easy doing a no cut music video. Any mistakes will result in having to start all over again. There’s no reset button in life, thus, you need to live it with all your might and be a little fearless. Before the shoot, all 20 members felt nervous about perfecting their scenes, but nonetheless, they pulled it off really well.

“Gamushara Fighter” features a confident looking Julia Tomita as the center member, who walks the viewer through the different teams in Idol College, starting from Team C and I, and the newly formed, UP’s. With a strong and powerful song composed by Masami Okui and lyrics written by YOFFY (Psychic Lover), the members of Idol College cheer you on for the year ahead as spring has just started in Japan. “Gamushara Fighter” will be the opening theme song for TBS TV program, Tokyo Extra, a program targeted at foreigners who wish to know extra things about Tokyo.

“idolcollege” will be released in two different versions: CD/DVD and CD only version. Each comes with 14 songs, with the DVD version featuring the MVs for “Gamushara Fighter”, “Ano ko ga, Kami wo, Kiranai Riyuu”, “True End Player”, “#Tokonatsu Joshi Kibou!!!”, “Be My☆Zombie”, and “Ichizu Recipe” plus a behind the scenes and making of video for “Gamushara Fighter”. Those who are impressed by this MV definitely need to get the DVD version!

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Track List

01 Gamushara Fighter
02 Ano ko ga, Kami wo, Kiranai Riyuu
03 Ichizu Recipe
05 Hikari no Naka he
06 Love/Like
07 True End Player 
08 Harmonia
09 Myself
10 Be My☆Zombie
11 NG Word~Kimi ga Suki~
12 #Tokonatsu Joshi Kibou!!!
13 Seigi no Kokoro〜Heiwa no tame ni〜
14 This is it〜Eien Shoujo〜

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