This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #64

This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #64

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Hello! H!P universe all around the world, how have you been?
On this week’s Hello! Sta, the leader of S/mileage, Ayaka Wada beautifully leads the show as MC!

I picked S/mileage Weekly Smile this time. They have been delivering a fun time at every Hello! Sta, but this time something unusual is going on. They talked about the state of mind AFTER hearing the result of fan club presale of the ticket for the live in Nippon Budokan.

On April 16, they were told by a staff the result of fan club presale of the tickets for Budokan live, to be carried out on July15. A staff told them the goal is to sell 8,000 seats, and 4,000 were sold in the presale, which is enough to fill the arena and first floor, and also it means full empty on second floor.

Ayaka Wada
“I was truly glad that so many people decided to come to our live in Budokan. It is many, many times the number of the audience more than people come to a live house which we usually perform at.
I was so happy without any protest, but when I thought it again carefully, it is way far from the goal.
We’ve talked a lot about holding a live there, but in an abstract way. So this was a good opportunity to think it real, now we are ready for taking it seriously. There are lots of things to do, as a group, as a leader too. I am going to put my all towards the live, so please continue to support us.”

Kanon Fukuda
“After I heard that the presale tickets sold only half of all, well, I felt regret, frustrated at first. At this rate, we’d be said that’s all S/mileage can do. So I WILL fill the seats absolutely.”

Kana Nakanishi
“I’m glad so much that a lot of people got the tickets already, I am extremely pleased with that.
But, in order for the success of Budokan, I noticed that we need more people to like S/mileage and to come to Budokan. After the announcement at HinaFES, I’ve worked on many things in my way, do some stretching more, thing like that. But I realized that I can do more in other ways. I heard many people became my fan after Yattaruchan campaign, so I thought I need to be more aggressive in that way as well.”

Akari Takeuchi
“I was truly happy about the numbers of ticket inquiries. I was glad to hear that many times, dozens of times the number of audience will come to see our live compare to a recent live. But we need more to fill Budokan. Although the sale of the tickets to the public will begin on April 30, I don’t think the rest of tickets sold out in a moment. It depends on how we use the remaining three months in order to fill Budokan. I’d like to make an appeal to the public as much as I can.”

Rina Katsuta
“I appreciate very much that a lot of fans in Fanclub applying for our tickets. But it seems it’s not enough..? something like that. In my personal opinion, holding a live in front of 8,000 people is something I really want to achieve. I think we have lots to do until then, to make it come true.
Updating our blogs more is what we can do right now. I really want to fill Budokan, so I’ll try anything, talk a lot with the members, in addition to what I’m supposed to do, so please encourage us, and me.”

Meimi Tamura
“Because we recently hold live in a live house (roughly 100~500 capacity), I was amazed the numbers the tickets sold. After hearing many opinions from a lot of staff, I knew it wasn’t enough. We took it “already half!”, but they thought “only half yet”. But now I agree with that after having talks with S/mileage. I need to improve my skills like singing, dancing. Whenever we hold live, even in rural areas, I have to show performance that encourages the audiences to come to Budokan. In order for that, I must know what really S/mileage is, and make the group bigger.”

MC Ayacho revealed that she was happy to hear how the rest of S/mileage think towards Budokan.

It’s a bit earache story, but how did you feel?

Thank you for reading, see you at the next episode of Hello! Sta!!

Written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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