This Week’s Hello!Project Station!! #50

This Week’s Hello!Project Station!! #50

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MM.’14 New MV “No One Can Replace You” Out!! All H!P performs “Romance is on its way” in Winter Con!! Guardians 4 & Buono! make a comeback in Countdown Con!! Beautiful S/mileage leader Ayaka Wada & ºC-ute leader Maimi Yajima try Hair Arrangement! And more!!

Hi, guys, what’s up? Cold? Boring? A lot of the latest performances held during the New Year’s holiday have arrived!! Let’s get it started!!

Morning Musume.’14 unveiled a Music Video of the new single “Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai (No One Can Replace You) to be released on January 29. As you may know, the song has been chosen for the official support song of the 2014 Winter Olympics Japanese delegation. In the song, there are iconic parts to put wota shouts “Nippon! Nippon!”, and there is a representation of the image of Japan in everywhere in the video too. Hmm, what do you think of it compared with the other two title tracks?

Berryz Kobo Diva Risako Sugaya has served as MC of the show following the last week!! Good for Risako fans!!

The footage of H!P annual winter concert has delivered. Oh yes, this is it. One of the best parts of the Winter Con is that all H!P members such as MBºCSJ & Trainees participate and singing together or singing an other group’s song. I always repeat watching again and again that kind of concert because continuous of the highlights come hit me 🙂
By the way, MC Risako was speaking modestly, “Although it might be difficult, please find me out of all H!P members, it’d be easy because I have a different hair color with the others.”
Having said it, Risako hangs her head in embarrassment. Kawaii!!

Guardians 4 has come back to concert!! G4 is a legendary idol group formed in 2009 to sing a theme song of the animation for girls “Syugo Kyara!! Doki”. G4 stopped its activity in 2010 when the TV broadcast of the anime is finished. Although not too many songs were released, there were a lot of fans reluctant to bye-bye to the group.

Buono! was one of such a limited time unit, but, they are barely alive. They appear only on special occasions like the Countdown Con, so those who want to see and feel them directly, you’d better hurry up.

S/mileage released the performance of “Uchoten LOVE” after Berryz’ “Sppecial Generation”.
I haven’t seen it for a while, but it is an absolutely wonderful song that I will always treasure.

This week’s Harosute has a hot hot bonus footage!!! Ayacho and Maimi appeared on the hair arrangement!! The close ups of those leaders don’t let us go through, you know it. Enjoy the fleeting moments!

See you next week 😉

 written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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