This Week’s Hello!Project Station!! #44

This Week’s Hello!Project Station!! #44

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Amazing!! Hello!Project Trainees Release Fantastic MV “Hello from the land of Oheso ( Belly Button)”!! MM Tour Final, S/mileage & J=J’s Latest Live Performance at Nippon Budokan Out!! J=J unveils Dance Shot MV for New Single!! H!P One on One Talk, and more!!

Hi guys, what’s up? It’s December already. Keep yourself warm with H!P Idols!!
Following the last week, Sayuki Takagi (Juice=Juice) serves as MC of the show. By the way, it seems that J=J members knew by e-mail from their manager, that they received the rookie of the year of the 55th Japan Record Award. Besides, December 30 the Best Rookie Award of the Year to determine is also the birthday of J=J Akari Uemura. It’s a coincidence, but I have a good feeling about this!!

Top content of the week is brought by wow, H!P Trainees! The song sounds quite cliche, but let me share some tips to enjoy the song more. At first, where the heck did “Oheso” come from! Tsunku’s crazy sense of fun appears in the title “Hello from the land of Oheso (Belly Button)”. Also, it is a homage/ tribute to “Hello from the country in the world” (1967, sold over 3 million copies) released by Japanese legendary singers such as Haruo Minami, Kyu Sakamoto, and Sayuri Yoshinaga.
The last point is of course about the trainees. Because there are super slow solo scenes enough to recognize who, enjoy to find someone you can’t keep your eyes off 😉

On November 28, 10,000 fans were gathered for the final performance of “MorningMusume Concert Tour 2013 Fall ~ CHANCE! ~” held at the Tokyo Nippon Budokan.
Check out each performance! MM “Ai no Gundan”, “OK YEAH!”, Juice=Juice “Ijiwaru shinaide Dakishimeteyo”, and S/mileage “Eeka!?”.

As the last topic of the week, MC Sayuki tried One on One Talk. The H!P idol Sayuki picked as a partner is MorningMusume Haruka Kudo!!
Here’s a brief summary of the interview.

Sayuki and Haruka have been knowing each other for a long time since they were H! P Egg trainee.
The reason Sayuki picked Haruka is that Sayuki wants fans to know they are a good friend. The other reason is that Sayuki wants to talk a bit serious matters with Haruka, because they had no time to do but have been joking and playing together.
Sayuki was happy about Haruka’s join for MM, but when she actually saw Haru was chatting with MM 10 generation members, she felt lonely.
At the time of the first 10 Gen’s greeting at the Budokan, Sayuki cried watching Haruka singing while taking eye contact with Reina Tanaka who Sayuki longing for.
The interview ended with a promise to play at Haruka’s home .
Thank you for reading! Enjoy the bonus footage too!! See You Next Week!!

written by Yuji Hara

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