Hakoiri♡Musume Starts Special Live Concert Series “Respect for xxx” Featuring 80s & 90s Idols!

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Hakoiri♡Musume Starts Special Live Concert Series “Respect for xxx” Featuring 80s & 90s Idols!

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Hakoiri♡Musume holds special live concert series “Respect for xxx”, featuring the 80s and 90s idols to pass down their classic legendary songs. They will perform a cover song of the 80s and 90s idols and have a talk session at each live. Before Hakoiri♡Musume’s performance starts, there will be a participatory talk session with some well-informed people and fans.

The first performance featuring CoCo was held on April 3rd, and the next one featuring “Onyanko Club” is scheduled on April 17th, at AKIBA Cultures Theatre. Every visitor can get a limited CD of the cover song by Hakoiri♡Musume which will be performed only at the event!

Collaborating with this project, Hakoiri♡Musume Miki Kamioka and Momomi Wagatsuma will join the monthly event “Showa Idol Archives”, a talk event about Showa-era idols by Haruka Tachibana from Ange☆Reve, Toshiro Arai, Hiroyuki Suzuki, and Mikio Takahashi. Don’t miss out this exciting collaboration too!

Showa Idol Archives Vol.1 at Jimbocho’s Gakki Cafe, Featuring Legendary Showa Idol “Candies”!

Upcoming “Respect for xxx” live concert series

Venue : Akiba Cultures Theatre
OPEN 18:30 /START 19:00
Admission fee :
-Advanced ticket (with the limited CD) : 3,500yen
-Doors (with the limited CD) : 4,000yen
-Doors : 3,000yen
※ +500yen drink fee for everyone
※ Special cover song : “Kimi no Uta, Boku no Uta”

Respect for Onyanko Club
Date : April 17th
Special cover song : Natsuyasumi wa Owaranai

Respect for Yuki Saito
Date : May 1st
Special cover song : Shojo Jidai

Respect for Onyanko Club (solo)
Date : May 15th
Special cover song : Jelly beans no Romance (Marina Watanabe)

Respect for ribbon&Qlair
Date : June 5th
Special cover song : Nakanaide Angel (Qlair)

Respect for Chekicco
Date : June 19th
Special cover song : Dotabata gag no Nichiyoubi

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