BAND-MAID Reveal Face-Melting Live MV For “secret My lips”!

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BAND-MAID Reveal Face-Melting Live MV For “secret My lips”!

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BAND-MAID turn up the heat with the live MV for “secret My lips” from their 1st full album “Bring it On” (release date: January 11)!

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Filmed during their January 9th sold-out “serving” (live performance) at Akasaka BLITZ, the MV for “secret My lips” is just a small taste of the power and energy that BAND-MAID brought to the stage that evening! Do yourself a favor and watch it with some quality headphones to hear everything as clearly as possible!

BAND-MAID Serve up Thrills and Excitement at Akasaka BLITZ

BAND-MAID kicks off their First One-Man Okyuushi Tour 2017 at Tokyo Kinema Club on May 10th (Maid Day, a combination of “May” and “do”, another reading for 10 in Japanese). An additional date for Ebisu LIQUIDROOM (June 14) has been added to the tour so don’t miss out!

First One-Man Okyuushi Tour 2017
May 10, 2017 : Tokyo, Tokyo Kinema Club
May 19, 2017 : Aichi, Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
May 21, 2017 : Osaka, Umeda CLUB QUATTRO
May 26, 2017 : Fukuoka BEAT STATION
June 4, 2017 : Hokkaido, Sound Lab mole
June 6, 2017 : Miyagi, Sendai HooK
June 14, 2017 : Tokyo, Ebisu LIQUIDROOM
June 15, 2017 : Tokyo, Ebisu LIQUIDROOM

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Just Bring It / BAND-MAID
Just Bring It / BAND-MAID

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