Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆ Chases an Endless Summer at 1st One-Man Live!

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Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆ Chases an Endless Summer at 1st One-Man Live!

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Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆, the wild and silly sub-unit of PASSPO☆ stepped up to the bar and held their first one-man live “Hacchake Matsuri ~Madamada Natsu wa Owaranai!!~” at Roppongi Morph Tokyo on September 6, 2015.


Petit PASSPO☆, who had their 1st one-man only a few hours before at the same venue, got the audience warmed up with some “Hacchake-tai Exercises” (Hacchake-tai Taisou), throwing up the sign of the horns (or kitsune, or American Sign Language for “I love you”), and clinking imaginary beer mugs together. Several giant inflatable beer mugs appeared and bounced around in the audience and as always, the song ended with the siren sample that is often used during Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆ events.


A loud chant of “Hacchake-tai de hacchaketai!” (I want to party with the Hacchake-tai!) rang out as the packed floor area began heating up in preparation for Gen-san (Shiori Mori), Zaian (Naomi Anzai), DJ FUJIKI (Yukimi Fujimoto), and Charisma (Natsumi Iwamura) to get the party started. Fireworks exploded on the screen at the back of the stage and Zaian beat away at a Japanese drum as the matsuri began. Opening the festivities with “Kibun wa Saiko! Saiko! Saiko!”, the venue was filled with the glow of red, blue, yellow, and orange cyalumes as they shook to the music.

Gen-san, Zaian, Charisma, and DJ FUJIKI removed the towels wrapped around their necks and head, swinging them around as they continued with “LA LA LOVE TRAIN”. Carrying a cardboard Yamanote line train car around the stage and throwing tinsel into the audience

The “Hacchake-ization” of PASSPO☆ songs continued with a comical rendition of “Vivi Natsu” which included moves from comedian Yoshio Kojima and para-para and a cardboard cutout of fellow PASSPO☆ crew member Mio Masui. The towels got swinging again with “Natsuzora Dash” and “Cosmic You” took on the tone of an outer space dance party as the Hacchake-tai waved around cyalumes of their own and waved their arms like malfunctioning clocks.

Grabbing tambourines, the Hacchake-tai brought the first half of the live to its peak with the high-octane “Hacchake Sensation”. Zaian and Gen-san picked away furiously at their cardboard guitars during the solo as the audience roared with delight. While the group took a break so Gen-san could take a well-deserved water break, Zaian explained that she had been in the Japanese drumming club when she was younger and that they decided to see if she could play in order to stick with the summer matsuri theme.

What followed was a medley of popular summer J-pop tunes covered in a way that could only come from the minds of the Hacchake-tai. Charisma took the stage in a T-shirt printed to look like she had big breasts and wearing a bikini to perform the bubblegum pop classic “Chu! Natsu Party”. As the self-proclaimed “dame ningen” (ダメ人間, person who’s not good at anything), what she lacked in performance skills, she more than made up for in making the audience laugh at her antics.

Next up was Zaian with an overly dramatic rendition of Southern All-Stars’ “Manatsu no Kajitsu”. Gen-san with Petit PASSPO☆ as backdancers did her best Atsushi impression during the EXILE hit song “Choo Choo Train” and DJ FUJIKI was joined by Charisma for the B’z classic “Ultra Soul”.

Bringing Petit PASSPO☆ back on stage, the Hacchake-tai refused to let summer end and unveiled their “Hacchake-tai Bon Odori”, as they all danced around the drum on the stage.
During “Material Girl”, Gen-san was lifted up and put a cardboard sun around her face and a fan in the audience mirrored her almost perfectly!

Spinning around wildly as general chaos unfolded on stage again, “Dom Dom Freedom” came to an end as Gen-san and Zaian pretended that DJ FUJIKI and Charisma were choppers they were riding down the open roads of America. As if it was not obvious enough that Hacchake-tai does just about whatever they want, they took “Shojo Hikou”, one of the most precious songs of PASSPO☆ and turned it into a comedy number as they sang the bridge of the song with shrill falsetto voices as if they were some kind of high society glee club gone wrong. This was followed up with their newest original song, “High Tension Emotion”.

Mentioning that they had brought a slide show with them, Petit PASSPO☆ returned to help as it was, unsurprisingly, a slide show made with pieces of cardboard. Passing the cardboard across the stage, Zaian read about the short history of Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆, from their humble beginnings until the present day. Attempting to inject a bit of somberness to reflect how far they had come, DJ FUJIKI lead everyone (even the audience) in the Yosui Inoue classic “Shonen Jidai”. However, it was impossible to keep a straight face, especially when Charisma began over-dramatically pretending to cry towards the end. Taking off their sunglasses, the Hacchake-tai thanked the audience and left the stage.

Ai Negishi made a surprise appearance during the encore wearing a white happi coat and sunglasses, explaining that she had always wanted to be part of the Hacchake-tai. In her hands was a piece of cardboard and when she flipped it around, the members jumped up and down on the stage when they saw that they would be getting a second one-man live at Daikanyama LOOP on March 19, 2016. But as they were celebrating, Negishi quickly said, “I’m going home!” and ran off the stage, leaving her coat behind.

The first one-man live of Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆ ended just as it had started, with a wild and loose rendition of “Kibun wa Saiko! Saiko! Saiko!”. Zaian took Negishi’s coat and waved it around like a towel and put it around her neck like a towel as they put the final stamp on their hilarious and unpredictable first solo concert.

With the induction of Saki Mori and Ayano Sato as “Hacchake-tai from UPUPGIRLS (KARI)” members at their two-man live on September 11, 2015, could there be a chance of them joining Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆ at their second one-man live on March 19, 2016? Even if that does not happen, it seems that as long as Hacchake-tai from PASSPO☆ has an ample supply of cardboard and their sunglasses, they are prepared to get a party started at any time, at any place.

Set List

01 Kibun wa Saiko! Saiko! Saiko!
02 LA LA LOVE TRAIN (Hacchake version)
03 Vivi Natsu (Hacchake version)
04 Natsuzora Dash (Hacchake version)
05 Cosmic You (Hacchake version)
06 Hacchake Sensation
07 Chu! Natsu Party (3-nin Matsuri cover)
08 Manatsu no Kajitsu (Southern All Stars cover)
09 Choo Choo Train (EXILE cover)
10 Ultra Soul (B’z cover)
11 Hacchake-tai Bon Odori
12 Material Girl (Hacchake version)
13 Dom Dom Freedom (Hacchake version)
14 Shojo Hikou (Hacchake version)
15 High Tension Emotion
16 Shonen Jidai (Inoue Yosui cover)

E1 Kibun wa Saiko! Saiko! Saiko!

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