The Outbreak of Gyu-No IDOL War! Experience Pride of Pinchike! Gyu-No Fest. vol.7 Report!

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The Outbreak of Gyu-No IDOL War! Experience Pride of Pinchike! Gyu-No Fest. vol.7 Report!

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In October 3rd, Gyu-No Fest vol. 7 & Uta Musume Idol Dai-Senso/Pride of Pinchike (P.O.P.) Fest was held at Shinkiba 1st Ring. The artists are Electric Ribbon, Oyasumi Hologram, Yurumerumo!, Moso Calibration, BELLRING Girls’ Heart, and POP. This event has a deep relationship with Gyuzo’s former event “Pinchike of Pinchike”. (Live Report Here)

At the very first of this article, the natural disaster that hit eastern Japan in September 10th must be stated. Due to an atmospheric depression caused by The typhoon No.18, eastern prefectures in Japan, especially Tochigi and Ibaraki prefecture, was harmed so badly that 7 people died and over 2000 people were evacuated to safe places. Gyu-Zo, the organizer of this event, is in fact one of the victims of the disaster. His farm, called Gyu-No farm placed in Tochigi prefecture, went under water. He invited some shops in the prefectures to this event to liven up them. It is highly desired that the victims will soon take their lives back.

The short drama “Idol Dai Senso” was broadcast on every Friday for four weeks. It is a story that POP who lost Saki Kamiya because of indefinite hiatus tries to win through “idol dai senso”. For a certain reason, it is decided that POP forces and Gyu-No forces have a war to decide a winner in “idol dai senso”. POP forces are Oyasumi Hologram and BELLRING Girl’s Heart, and Gyu-No forces are Electric Ribbon, Yurumerumo!, and Moso Calibration. Although the drama already finished, this event must be the final episode.

Gyu-Zo at first explained the rule of this event: no smoke candle, no firework, and no barbarous act. The rules were really proper to this event “Pride of Pinchike”. He called Kechon from Yurumerumo! and Asuka from Electric Ribbon since they were from Tochigi prefecture. Gyu-Zo gave a bunch of flowers to Asuka for celebrating her graduation from the group soon. lastly, he excited POP’s hostility toward Gyu-No forces and the idol war named Gyu-No Fest began.

Electric Ribbon

The first batter was Electric ribbon. Asuka, composer was in a flower way to manipulate a computer and other members came to the ring. As soon as Erica appeared herself, she talked to the audience to give her alcohol. She drunk the alcohol during the concert. That freedom is her good point. Natsuki explained their latest single “Muteki Girl” and its choreograph. As the four on the floor surrounded, the floor changed into a dance floor. Gyu-Zo mentioned in the first MC about Asuka’s graduation and the audience seemed to feel emotional but at the last of their live, the audience was so livened up and ready for the next fight.

Oyasumi Hologram

Oyasumi Hologram appeared on the stage and the audience suddenly started making an uproar as a riot begins. Kanamiru and Hachigatsu-chan freely moved in the ring. As Kanamiru explains herself as a gang start in idol, she sometimes kicked, did Asisan mist, and dived into the audience. On the other hand, Hachigatsu-chan cutely smiled on the stage. That comparison created the madness in a sense. The madness reached to the audience and this event finally started to be in chaos. In one of their famous song “Forever Young”, there were troubles that the song did not start, but as the sound surrounded in the hall, the big chorus of ”Rock’n Roll” and “Foerver Young” was even heared outside of the concert site. They sat the ring posts and sang the ballade song “Dareka no Niwa” and its composition looked so beautiful. They are just composed of two people but with their overwhelming presence, their stage was very dynamic.


Yurumerumo! showed themselves in the ring after Oyasumi Hologram. Considering that Chi-bou and Mone were in hiatus and recently came back, it was even felt happy to see 6 members of Yurumerumo!. They performed “Hamidasumo!” and “Natsu on Blue” in the first part and at this time, pen lights with 6 colors were begun to lighten up. The reason is not sure but Ano left the stage but the live went on as the audience got heated up. Mone repeatedly grabbed the lope and other members performed for 360°. Followed by “Natsu no Sitaku” and ”Only You”, they performed their anthem “Nigero!!”. Experiencing member’s withdrawal and hiatus, this song by all six members now really shines as their anthem.

Moso Calibration

After Yurumerumo! left the ring, it became a turn for Moso Calibration. They have made appearance at Gyu-No Fest. Vol.2 held at Haneda Airport but although jumping was prohibited, their fans called Moso-Zoku, repeatedly jumped and cheered them. Considering what they and their fans have done, it was not so difficult to think what would happen. As the first part of “ You wo Check Shimasu!!” rang to tell the battle started, MIX surrounded the hall at the best volume of the day. Their performance seemed to be as usual. I mean that as usual they were great. However, they suddenly changed the usual choreographs. It was beautiful enough to take a few seconds to notice that they had made the special choreographs for this special stage, the wrestling ring. They spread to the square to the audience around the ring. At their last tune, fans were so livened up and ran around the ring, breaking the rule that the audience must not ride on a flower way. There was no doubt that they were the most idol-like idol among idols appearing that day but their performance was beautiful and sophisticated enough to make a huge impact on the audience.

BELLRING Girls’ Heart

It is not too much to say that BELLRING Girls’ Heart is the best idol if they use the ring as a stage. This day was no exception. It is nothing to say about their high quality of songs but they were superior to other groups in the way to attract the audience. Kari-chan and Anna brought boxing gloves and started to boxing. Kanra wore a false mustache and sunglasses, which is a cosplay of Keiji Muto, a famous professional wrestler. Also Kanra left the stage and came back with riding a hand cart. Sometimes the sound system seemed to have troubles and the volume turned down but they continued the stage with their fans singing together. Not only the audience but Gyu-Zo was lifted in the audience for their passionate stage. Their last song, asthma, made the audience run around the ring and shout the last part of a chorus. Compared to Moso Calibration, they were not a bit of an idol, but they may be the idol who attracted the audience most that day.


The final act of this event was POP. Considering their popularity and capability, this seat may not be appropriate for them. Moso Calibration and BELLRING Girls’ Heart must have been much more appropriate. Then, why did Gyu-Zo decide to give such an important role to them? The reason is related to their situation. POP was actually called Planime and the members were Mari Mizuta, ex-Izukoneko, and Saki Kamiya, ex-BiS. However, Mari withdrew from the group and Planime changed the name to POP with new four members. They seemed to have a good re-start as a new group but soon Saki Kamiya was ordered to be in hiatus by office. The details are not announced but it is said that Saki Kamiya dived into the audience at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 and their stages (including BiSH since they belong to the same office) in day2 were all cancelled. Therefore, she was not allowed to stand stages and it still goes on. It is Gyu-Zo’s kindness that he featured them in drama and offered such a great stage to show the audience what the four members have fought for. Actually, if this was a real idol war, POP might have been overwhelmingly defeated. However, it could be felt easily that their resolution to perform as headliner. Their performance was not beautiful but their attitude towards the audience reminded me of a vestige of BiS.

Gyu-No Fest. Vol.7 finished with taking a group photo and Gyu-Zo announcing that he continued Gyu-No Fest. in order to hold a huge idol event at Tochigi Prefecture where he was born. Although there were many troubles, even it worked to make the audience liven up. Considering recent strict regulation, Gyu-No is kind-hearted to so-called Pinchike. Is pinchike really bad? I don’t think so! Let’s look forward to his next event!


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