Speedy Sushi Here to Fill Your Stomach! Experience the Newest High-tech Restaurant!

Speedy Sushi Here to Fill Your Stomach! Experience the Newest High-tech Restaurant!
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Here is a popular restaurant in Shibuya, Uobei. Uobei is a new kind of sushi restaurant and has been very popular among foreigners lately.


The casual kind of sushi you would imagine is Kaiten sushi. This is the restaurant where the sushi is on a conveyor belt. But Uobei is a new high-tech restaurant. Sushi don’t spin in Uobei, but there are sushi that come to you by speed lane.

The menu is in front of you and you order from the toutch panel. 2, 3 minutes after ordering, a speed lane tray with sushi will come right in front of you!

uobei-sushi-shibuya-03 uobei-sushi-shibuya-08 uobei-sushi-shibuya-04 uobei-sushi-shibuya-15

This “express lane” service has been around for a while but a sushi restaurant with only the express lanes is very rare!

Of course, like other sushi restaurants, there are standard sushi, along with limited time (seasonal) ones, deserts and side menus.


Arisa had Ikura and Tina had black pepper broiled Salmon.They were extremely fascinated with the express delivery service and talked about how they want to bring their friends here as well!

uobei-sushi-shibuya-05 uobei-sushi-shibuya-06

They even have take out menus, so please check it out!


Photo by Yosuke Mochizuki


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Uobei Shibuya
Address : Tokyo Shibuya-ku Dogenzaka 2-29-11 Dai-roku Central Biru 1F
Nearest Station : Shibuya
TEL : 03-3462-0241



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