Down the Battlefield! Off to Sengoku Maid Cafe “Mononopu” and Enjoy Warring States Period Feeling

Down the Battlefield! Off to Sengoku Maid Cafe “Mononopu” and Enjoy Warring States Period Feeling
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Are you tired of going normal maid cafe? Don’t worry, Akihabara, the city of Moe culture, has various kind of Maid Cafes! We visited one of them, Sengoku Maid Cafe “Mononopu” with Kawaii Asia crews Pikarin (Hikari Shiina), Kumikky (Kumiko Funayama), and An-chan(Anna Yano).


Mononopu is a maid cafe where the daughters of famous warriors are working as armored maids, by the order of the legendary warrior “Moda Nopunaga” (parody of “Oda Nobunaga”). Actually, Pikarin often visits this maid cafe for her private, and once she released collaboration goods with this maid cafe! So, Pikarin showed us around the cafe!

Entering the cafe, the maids armored with Kimono welcomed saying “Okaerinasaimase, Ohimesama!” (meaning : Welcome back, my princess!). The maid explained the rules of the cafe, and we heard that if you didn’t keep the rules, you might get “beheading”, “Seppuku”, or “banishment”…! So severe! Keep the rules and enjoy it.


Look! The interior of the cafe is really well made with the concept of Sengoku era taste. There is one VIP room named “Kin no Chashitsu” (meaning : Golden Tea Room) and the girls spend time here. Decorated with gold wall paper and feel like so gorgeous!


When you call the maid, you use special Naruko (clappera noisemaker). Clapping Naruko, Pikarin called the maid saying “Tanomou~!”. They ordered “first battle set”, including rice omelet and Russian roulette Takoyaki which one of the six takoyaki balls has super spicy wasabi!


Rice omelet and Takoyaki arrived~! The maid draw cute illustration on the rice omelet with tomato ketchup and casted a spell on the food, chanting “Moe-giri!” to make the food more tasty. It was so tasty!

kawaii-asia-momonopu-cafe-06 kawaii-asia-momonopu-cafe-08kawaii-asia-momonopu-cafe-09 kawaii-asia-momonopu-cafe-10

And…next is Russian roulette Takoyaki! The person who got the spicy one with wasabi was An-chan! As a loser’s punishment (although it turned out pleasure though), she transformed into an armed maid!

kawaii-asia-momonopu-cafe-11 kawaii-asia-momonopu-cafe-12 kawaii-asia-momonopu-cafe-13 kawaii-asia-momonopu-cafe-14

The light pink colored costume really fits An-chan’s soft and cute personality! Kawaii~~! This was the special service for the TV shooting and not regular service, sorry!

kawaii-asia-momonopu-cafe-16 kawaii-asia-momonopu-cafe-15

If you’re interested in Sengoku era and feeling like going some unusual maid cafe, why don’t you go ahead for Sengoku maid cafe “Mononopu”?


Photos by kobadog

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Sengoku Maid Cafe "Mononopu"
Address : Soto-Kanda 4-6-2 Isuzu building 5F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo(*Closed regularly on Monday )
Nearest Station : Akihabara
TEL : 03-5296-9199



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