The Reason Otaku Respect Akihabara : Sacred Place as Simulation

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The Reason Otaku Respect Akihabara : Sacred Place as Simulation

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The reality of Akihabara and otaku

Akihabara, the internationally famous attraction for otaku from all over the world, is packed with visitors looking for things from the latest in electronics and games to rare figurines and “moe”. Most travel guides for Japan have sections devoted to Akihabara and it is introduced as a place just as brilliant as Kyoto. It is filled with shops devoted to anime, games, and idol goods, which earn it a reputation of being a sacred place for otaku. This article looks at some reasons that Akihabara is praised as a mecca, referring to the relationship between maid cafes and otaku. However, for the sake of convenience, let us limit our definition of otaku here as Japanese who visit Akihabara on a daily basis.

Although the social status of otaku has been raised to a certain degree thanks to the breakthrough popularity of groups like AKB48 and the success of Densha Otoko since the mid-2000s, popular opinion still remains that otaku are gross. This depends not only on their facial appearance and manner of dress, but also their obsessive behavior. Sadly, these assumptions are often true. Otaku tend to experience difficulties at school or workplace because of their differences and are generally looked down upon as belonging to a lower class in Japanese society.


Asuka Kuramochi (ex-AKB) from AKB Theater in Akihabara

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Growing up in Akihabara culture, ykmk became an otaku covering idol, anime, and pop music.

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