DIANNA☆SWEET Visits Osu Kannon Temple, Located on Nagoya’s Biggest Shopping Street

DIANNA☆SWEET Visits Osu Kannon Temple, Located on Nagoya’s Biggest Shopping Street
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As one of Nagoya’s active idol groups, the members of DIANNA☆SWEET are presenting some of the city’s best highlights as part of Dear NAGOYA. This time DIANNA☆SWEET’s Mana Wakaba (Maa-chan) and PREDIANNA’s Momose are going to introduce Osu Shopping Arcade.

Located approximately 10 minutes by subway from Nagoya Station, Osu Shopping Arcade spans 9 streets and contains over 1,200 shops, and is the biggest shopping arcade in the city as well as one of the largest, most prominent shopping areas in Japan. Among the stores lined up selling famous Nagoya items, cosplay, and other appealing items, one of its feature characteristics is its temple. Because the town was built around the temple itself, you can enjoy an authentic temple visit before or while you shop.

Left : Momose, Right : Mana

Left : Momose, Right : Mana

Located at the entrance of Osu Shopping Arcade, it’s one of Japan’s three biggest Kannon temples, and is an ancient relic built over 400 years ago. First the two girls brush up on manners when visiting a temple. First they purify themselves by lighting an incense stick from the burner and waving it around their bodies. The smoke is believed to cure illness and make one smarter. Upon hearing this the two ask “for clear, beautiful skin” as they each light a stick.


Next is the main hall, which is a place of worship. The method of worship at a temple differs from the way one worships at a shrine. First you bow, and then after putting money in the offering box provided, you may ring the bell attached to the top of the rope. Although you should clap your hands together at a shrine, at a temple you clasp your hands together without making any sound. Finally you finish with another bow.

dear-nagoya-osu-kannon-02 dear-nagoya-osu-kannon-03

Temples offer amulets, fortunes, and votive picture tablets for sale. The two girls choose to read their fortunes, called omikuji. They can choose one fortune for 100 or 200 yen. These fortunes predict “very good luck”, “good luck”, “a little good luck”, “luck”, “future luck”, “bad luck”, or “very bad luck”, and also include messages about work, love, moving, business, and study. Most temples don’t include “bad luck” or “very bad luck” fortune readings, but rumor has it that “bad luck” often comes up at the Osu Kannon Temple. Maa-chan takes a look at hers, which reads “very good luck”. Momose’s reads “future luck”.

dear-nagoya-osu-kannon-04 dear-nagoya-osu-kannon-05 dear-nagoya-osu-kannon-06 dear-nagoya-osu-kannon-07

Once you’ve read your fortune, you might want to tie it to a tree or rope. For good luck you’re encouraged to take your reading with you to bring good luck to your home, but for bad luck it’s recommended you tie it somewhere before you leave.


Both girls also buy a votive picture tablets for writing down wishes and decoration while giving thanks. Most tablets can be purchased for around 1,000 yen, and wishes are written on the side without a picture before being offered. Both girls pray for their groups to release a hit.

dear-nagoya-osu-kannon-08 dear-nagoya-osu-kannon-09dear-nagoya-osu-kannon-11 dear-nagoya-osu-kannon-12

Next edition will be about shopping in the Osu Kannon Arcade. We’ll introduce some of Nagoya’s cheapest fashion shops.


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Photo by Jonny
Translated by Jamie Koide

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Osu Kannon
Address : Osu 2-21-47, Naka-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi
Nearest Station : Osu Kannon
TEL : 052-231-6525



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