Let’s Taste Green Tea in Shizuoka, Japan!

Let’s Taste Green Tea in Shizuoka, Japan!
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Hello everyone!
Have you ever visited Shizuoka Prefecture, famous for Mount Fuji and hot springs?
Then notable product of Shizuoka is… tea!
It is such a well known, there are rumors going around that the elementary schools in Shizoka have tea flowing out of their faucets.

Even so, you must have worries, such as Japanese tea being bitter.
However, you can enjoy Japanese tea, with the various arrangements in recent years.

So! A comedian from the Edo period (?) and an idol from Shizuoka will introduce stylish places where you can enjoy Japanese tea which is popular right now!
Be sure to watch this video!

Osamurai-chan’s tour round the country featuring “Ocha” (green tea) from PINK!SS CHANNEL

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In this episode, Osamurai-chan, an Samurai comedian who came from Edo period,
Orange Port’s Yuuna Watanabe, and Senko Road Show’s Momo Wakabayashi, who both are from Shizuoka,
are going to rediscover the attraction of Ocha (Green tea) which is specialty products of Shizuoka.

They will introduce from unique green tea such as super rich “green tea espresso” to more familiar tea drinks such as Maccha latte.
You can also learn appropriate way of how to prepare green tea in the video.

Hope it will help your trip in Japan!

January, 2016


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Address : 1F Passage Takajo 2-10-7 Takajo, Aoi-ward, Shizuoka-city
Nearest Station : Hiyoshicho
TEL : +81 (0)54 260 4775



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