Dai-Chu Shibuya: The Store Which Girls in Shibuya Shopping for Pop & Fancy Goods!

Dai-Chu Shibuya: The Store Which Girls in Shibuya Shopping for Pop & Fancy Goods!
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In Tokyo, prices are high enough in the world, so that cute fashion items or novelties are a little expensive… But! Of course there is a shop which has cute and cheap goods, too! This time, a.k.a.Marianchu, Maria Konno, who goes to a school in Shibuya, recommended us her favorite general store “Dai-Chu Shibuya.”


At the store front, there are bath salts like a candy, pen with a cupcake, pink umbrella and lots of fancy goods. In the middle of the store, there are many goods of panda which symbolizes Dai-Chu. You can get more novelties like stationary, and also lots of fashion goods like shoes, bag, umbrella and more cute items with low cost!

And, at the back of the store, there are a lot of fluffy room wear! At the time we visited there was the term of New Year Sale, so that the room wear for winter was sold with 1000 yen or less. It is surprised to able to buy cute fluffy room wear with such a low price!

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Dai-Chu Shibuya
Address : 16-13 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shibuya



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