Too Beautiful to be a Mother…?? Legendary Idol Maki Goto Shoots Her Maternity Photos!

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Too Beautiful to be a Mother…?? Legendary Idol Maki Goto Shoots Her Maternity Photos!

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Maki Goto, former member of Morning Musume, announced her marriage in 2014 and plans to meet her first baby before 2015 is over. She became an official member of Morning Musume in 1999 when she was 13, and created a new legend as an iconic idol. Before giving birth to her child, she took maternity photos around the eighth month of her pregnancy. The photos appear on the magazine Numero TOKYO that will be on sale October 28th.




The overwhelming glamorousness exuded from the photos makes it almost difficult to believe that she is 8 months pregnant. Even with a baby waiting in her tummy, “Gocchin” (one of Goto’s nicknames) has not seemed to have changed much since her days as a performer. In the magazine, she stylishly veils fashions by Burberry Prorsum and Dries Van Noten, her figure giving the sense of maternal power and gentleness as an expecting mother.


In addition to the photos, there is an interview revealing the details of Maki’s marriage and hopes toward her new lifestyle as a mother. She actively shows a new side to her by posting a blog about cooking which lead to the publication of a recipe book “Goto Maki no Manzoku Ouchi Ryouri” (Maki Goto’s Satisfying Home Cooking) on November 23, 2015. From a pioneering idol of 21st century, she has seamlessly began her transition to becoming a charismatic mother.

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