Girls Street 2020: iDOL Street Evolution Begins Now!

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Girls Street 2020: iDOL Street Evolution Begins Now!

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Big plans leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were announced at
“iDOL Street 2015 Street wa Shinka Suru ~Go-Raijousha to Zen’in High Touch-Kai~”, a free event held at Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage on January 11.


The event included appearances by iDOL Street groups SUPER☆GiRLS, GEM, and Cheeky Parade who eagerly high-fived the estimated 3,000 spectators that had gathered for the event. Although Cheeky Parade was delayed by media recording and could not perform that day, they were as cheeky and energetic as usual.

GEM opened the event with a high-spirited performance that left the members of the group glistening with sweat despite wearing their sleeveless outfits from the MV for “Star Shine Story”.

Coming off their successful solo concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall from the day before, SUPER☆GiRLS delivered an outstanding performance which included their upcoming single “Gira Gira Revolution”. In particular, Aya Goto’s dazzling performance made the news of her graduation from the group and retirement from show business at the end of March all the more bittersweet for the fans that had gathered on that brisk winter day.

As with all events, there were announcements but, as the title of the event suggested (“shinka” is Japanese for “evolution”), iDOL Street would begin to undergo an evolution. Under the name “Girls Street 2020”, iDOL Street would begin auditions for the next generation of Street-sei (name for iDOL Street trainee members) as well as female creators (composers, producers, designers, multi-media developers, choreographers, writers, make-up artists, photographers, etc.) in April.


Under the Girls Street 2020 project, the Creative Side and Performer Side would work together to produce female entertainers capable of being active in all fields of media. It looks like iDOL Street is intending to mobilize girl power in order to build an army of “SUPER iDOLS” in time for the Olympics and their 10th anniversary? Former member of Folder 5, AKINA (Akina Miyazato) appeared on stage during the announcement as a representative of the Creative Side. AKINA is currently working with iDOL Street as a choreographer.


Although the video is in Japanese, maybe it will help explain exactly what it is that iDOL Street will be doing with Girls Street.

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In the spring of 2015, iDOL Street would launch their 4th group, GEM would take on the persona of “Black GEM” for their next single, with an artistic, more Western image and sound, and the graduation concert for Aya Goto would be held on March 1st. At the beginning of the summer, SUPER☆GiRLS would celebrate their 5th anniversary with a Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya tour, with the finale at Tokyo Dome City Hall on June 20th. In the middle of summer (July 12) would be GirlsStreet EXPO 2015 featuring the results of the spring auditions, performances by iDOL Street groups, and attractions similar to a Japanese summer festival. In the autumn (November) would be Girls Street Theater, a dance and music show created from the fusion of the Creator Side and Performer Side. While details about that event are still being worked out, it should be exciting to see the members of iDOL Street facing a new challenge.


While the world of Japanese idol music has been undoubtedly shaped by many successful male creators like Tsunku ♂ (Hello!Project), Yasushi Akimoto (AKB48, etc.), and Ken’ichi Maeyamada (Momoiro Clover Z,, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, etc.), what would it be without the power of girls? What sort of evolution will result from Girls Street 2020’s collaboration of female creators and performers?

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